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I can do lookups of various Dublin directories, mainly Thoms from 1848 onward. Post your lookup request either as a reply to the Dublin Directories lookup thread on the Genealogy Section of Boards.ie, or post a new thread on that board with Dublin Directory lookup in the subject, or post a brief message to twitter @shanew147
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Latest articles and updates...

  30 June 2015

Surname Crossmatch – Variations  

Added a new Surname Variants search option to the Cross-Reference  Search, which now includes variants of the selected surnames in the search. In the previous version a search for Sullivan and Collins would only have located any parish where exact matches … Continue reading

  20 June 2015

  15 June 2015

Round Towers in Ireland – 1838  

Table of Round Towers included on the 1838 Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge SDUK 1838 map of Ireland. (These are not shown on the map). Key to ‘state’ column : p – Perfect with conical cap, np – nearly … Continue reading

  8 May 2015

New Townland Browse  

The New Townland Browse page allows selection of any combination of County,  Poor Law Union (PLU), Barony and Civil Parish, and shows the area within the selection grouped by area.  Clicking on the ‘show’ link displays a list of Towns … Continue reading

  23 April 2015

Dublin City Street Index – 1879  

Added images from Dublin City Street Index from Thom’s Directory of 1879 – see this link

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