A collection of digitized maps of Dublin and Ireland, viewable in Google map format, a revised and improved townland database, scans and extracts from a number of directories, a database of Catholic parishes as they were during the late 1830s, Catholic and civil parish links for over 1,000 parishes, and map coordinates to over to 2,000 churches and chapels. All free to access....

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I can do lookups of various Dublin directories, mainly Thoms from 1848 onward. Post your lookup request either as a reply to my Dublin Directories lookup thread on the Genealogy Section of Boards.ie, or post a new thread on that board with Dublin Directory lookup in the subject, or post a brief message to twitter @shanew147

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Latest articles and updates...

  23 April 2015

Dublin City Street Index – 1879  

Added images from Dublin City Street Index from Thom’s Directory of 1879 – see this link

  4 April 2015

Further RC Parish Database Updates  

Further options added to the parish database system – the RC parish details screen now shows distance and direction for the nearest Catholic parishes, to aid further searches when the required location might close to the boundary between two parishes. … Continue reading

  22 March 2015

RC Parish Database Updates  

A number of Civil Parishes listed on the townland Index were not matched to Catholic Parishes during the initial cross-linking process [1], usually as a result of no reference being made to these being associated in Lewis. In some cases … Continue reading

  13 March 2015

Map of Queenstown (Cobh) and Cork Harbour – 1906  

(from Black’s Guide to Ireland 1906 – click on the image for a larger version)


Duplicate Place names, Detached Parishes and Half Baronies  

There are a number of complications to finding exactly where a particular place of interest is located, even when the name is known. The first is often the spelling which can vary greatly depending on the timeframe and source, and … Continue reading

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