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Parish : St. Peter

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   Bride-street (Upper)
   Camden-street (Upper)
   Court rere of Moira-court
   Court off Pembroke-lane
   Cross Kevin-street
   Digge's-street (Lower)
   Fitzwilliam-place (Fitz-william-lane)
   Fitzwilliam-place (Fitz-william-square)
   Fitzwilliam-square (East)
   Fitzwilliam-square (North)
   Fitzwilliam-square (South)
   Fitzwilliam-square (West)
   Fitzwilliam-street (Lower)
   Fitzwilliam-street (Upper)
   Grand Canal-street
   Grattan-place (Little)
   James-place (Power Court)
   James-street (East)
   Kelly-court (rere of 2& 3 Holles Row)
   Kevin-street (Cross)
   Kevin-street (Lower)
   Kevin-street (Upper)
   King-street (South)
   Lane rere of no. 48 Lower Mount-street
   Lane rere of no. 56 Lower Mount-street
   Lane rere of Warrington-place
   Longford-street (Great)
   Longford-street (Little)
   Merrion-square (East)
   Merrion-square (North)
   Merrion-square (South)
   Merrion-street (Lower)
   Merrion-street (Upper)
   Mount-street (Lower)
   Mount-street (Upper)
   Pembroke-lane (Baggot-street)
   Pembroke-lane (Pembroke-street Upper)
   Pembroke-street (Upper)
   Powers-court rere of nos. 50 & 54 Mount-street
   Power-court rere of no. 60 Mount-street
   Power-court (Stable-lane)
   Stable-lane rere of east side of Merrion-square
   St. Stephen-green (East)
   St. Stephen-green (South)
   St. Stephen-green (West)
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