Abbey Street, Lwr. Abbey Street, Middle Earl Street, North
Earl Place Eden Quay Henry Street
Moore Street Prince's Street, North Sackville Place
Sackville Street, Lower Sackville Street, Upper [Start New Search] 

Prince's Street, North Off Sackville street, Lower.
Parishes : St. Thomas and St. Mary
North City Ward

Damaged along most of the street.
 North side of the street, running east to west
1 & 2Hotel Metropole
3Tierney, Michael, publican, Prince's Stores
4 - 8Freeman's Journal (Itd)
9,10,11, & 12Thom, Alex. & Co. (ltd), printing office
15Pirie & Sons (ltd) stores
..... here William's lane intersects ........
16 - 18Lalouette 's horse repository - Mrs. Lalouette prop.
 South side of the street, running west to east
19 - 21Curtis, Wm. & Sons, brassfoundersCurtis, Wm. & Sons, brassfounders
21 - 25Arnott & Co. (ltd)Arnott & Co. (ltd)
26Bewley, Sons & Co. (ltd)
27 & 27 ½Tenements
29Picture Palace Theatre
Entrance to General Post Office