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   Streets in : St. Audeon Civil Parish

 Street Split
 Archbold Court 
 Audean's Arch 
 Back Lane *
 Bridge Street (Lower) 
 Bridge Street (Upper) 
 Bridge Street Lane 
 Bridgefoot Street *
 Chapel Alley (Cook St) 
 Chapel Alley (Lwr Bridge St) 
 Connor Court 
 Cook Street *
 Corn Market *
 Doran Court *
 High Street *
 Island Street 
 Meeting House Yard *
 Merchant Quay *
 Purcel Court 
 Schoolhouse Lane *
 Swan Alley 
 Usher Lane 
 Usher Place 
 Usher Street 
 Usher's Island 
 Usher's Quay 
 Venable Court 
 Watling Street *
 Wolfe Alley 
 Wormwood Gate *


List of streets and civil parishes in Dublin city.

Details based on summary of lists of eligable voters.

Streets marked as Split appear in more than one civil parish - e.g. Sackville St. Lwr was partially in St. Marys and the rest in St. Thomas.

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