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   Streets in : St. Mark Civil Parish

 Street Split
 Bamfield Lane 
 Barrow Street 
 Bass Place 
 Boyne Lane 
 Boyne Street 
 Bracken Lane 
 Brebner Court 
 Brunswick Street (Great) 
 Burgh Quay 
 City Quay 
 College Street 
 Court in Sandwich Street 
 Cumberland Street (South) 
 D'Olier Street 
 Darley Court 
 Denzille Street *
 Dixon Lane 
 Erne Place 
 Erne Street 
 Fleet Market 
 Fleet Street *
 Forbes Street 
 George Quay 
 George Street 
 Gloucester Street (South) 
 Grafton Street *
 Grand Canal Street *
 Great Clarance Street 
 Hamilton Row 
 Hanover Quay 
 Hanover Street *
 Harcourt Place *
 Harmony Row 
 Hawkin's Street 
 Leinster Market 
 Leinster Street *
 Lime Street 
 Lombard Street 
 Luke Street 
 Magennis Court 
 Mark Alley *
 Mark Lane 
 Mark Place 
 Mark Street 
 Markey Court 
 Moss Street 
 Nassau Street *
 Ordnance Lane 
 Park Street *
 Peterson's Lane 
 Pim Court 
 Poolbeg Street 
 Prince Street 
 Sandwith Lane 
 Sandwith Street 
 Shaw Street 
 Shoe Lane 
 Sir John Rogerson's Quay 
 Spring Garden Lane 
 Stable Lane (Sth Cumberland St) 
 Sutton Court 
 Tennis Court Lane 
 Toole Court 
 Townsend Street 
 Tucker's Gateway 
 Wentworth Place *
 Westland Row 
 Westmoreland Street *
 White Lane 


List of streets and civil parishes in Dublin city.

Details based on summary of lists of eligable voters.

Streets marked as Split appear in more than one civil parish - e.g. Sackville St. Lwr was partially in St. Marys and the rest in St. Thomas.

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