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   Poor Law Unions in County : Cork

 Poor Law Union 

 Townlands in the Poor Law Union of Clonakilty, county of Cork

Townland Acres   Civil ParishBarony
Abbeymahon526   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Agha224   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Aghafore307   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Aghamilla338   KilgarriffIbane and Barryroe
Aghmanister & Spital153   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Ahagilla110   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Ahagilla316   CastleventryIbane and Barryroe
Ahaglaslin169   CastleventryIbane and Barryroe
Ahalisky886   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Ahidelake91   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Ardagh East430   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Ardagh West143   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Ardcoohig109   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ardgehane448   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Ardmore223   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
ArundelmillsTownDesertIbane and Barryroe
ArundelmillsTownTempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Arundelmills8   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Ashgrove174   DesertIbane and Barryroe
Ballinaclogh210   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Ballinard589   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
BallinascartyTownKilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Ballincollop95   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballincourcey194   TemplequinlanIbane and Barryroe
Ballincurrig128   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballinglanna121   TemplequinlanIbane and Barryroe
Ballinluig183   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballinoroher757   TemplequinlanEast Carbery (E.D.)
Ballinrougher121   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Ballintemple268   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Ballinvard199   KilmeanEast Carbery (W.D.)
Ballinvrokig246   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballycardeen62   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballycullenane54   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballyduvane264   KilgarriffIbane and Barryroe
Ballyduvane225   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Ballyhigeen57   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballyhoulahan77   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Ballyhutch55   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballylangy192   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballylibert109   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Ballyluck177   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Ballymacowen522   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Ballymacraheen113   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballymacredmond500   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballymacshoneen233   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballymacwilliam East104   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Ballymacwilliam South18   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Ballymacwilliam West71   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Ballynamona235   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Ballyva210   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Ballyvackey293   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Ballyvireen287   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Ballyvoige278   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Balteenbrack58   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Balteenbrack33   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Barleyhill East348   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Barleyhill West306   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Barreragh110   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Barryshall579   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Bealad East445   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Bealad West573   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Beanhill North108   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Beanhill South134   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Benduff432   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Bohona229   CastleventryIbane and Barryroe
Bohonagh368   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Brittas11   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Brittas2   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Brittas26   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Brittas North62   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Brittas South55   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Brownstown246   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Burgatia742   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Burrane410   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
ButlerstownTownLisleeIbane and Barryroe
Butlerstown372   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Caher135   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Caher315   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Caherbeg375   RathbarryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Cahergal27   DesertIbane and Barryroe
Cahergal61   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Caherkirky434   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Caherlarhig197   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Cahermore488   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Camus367   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Camus320   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Cappeen36   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Carhoo32   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Carhoo269   KilgarriffIbane and Barryroe
Carhoo534   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Carhoogarriff281   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Carhoovauler561   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Carrig410   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Carrig165   TemplequinlanEast Carbery (E.D.)
Carrigagrenane470   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Carriganookery94   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Carrigeen247   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Carrigfadda614   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Carrigfadeen138   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Carrigroe559   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Cashelisky368   IslandEast Carbery (E.D.)
Castle Lower79   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Castle Upper103   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Castlederry148   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Castlefreke324   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Castlefreke-island245   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Castlefreke-warren178   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Castleventry544   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Clasharaggy43   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Clasharusheen159   CastleventryIbane and Barryroe
Clashatarriff274   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Clogagh North173   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Clogagh South282   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Cloghgriffin286   TemplequinlanIbane and Barryroe
Cloheen80   IslandEast Carbery (E.D.)
Cloheen360   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
ClonakiltyTownKilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Clonlea133   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Clooncorban272   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Clooncunnig116   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Coolcraheen265   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Cooligboy89   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Coolnagay315   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Coorleigh North154   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Coorleigh South131   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Corrabally121   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Corrabally130   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Couneambeg127   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
CourtmacsherryTownLisleeIbane and Barryroe
Courtmacsherry215   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Creagh Beg230   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Creagh More257   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Creboy28   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Creboy50   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Cregg190   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Creggane310   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Creggane84   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Crohane91   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Crohane (aka: Bandon)204   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Crohane (aka: Bandon)250   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Crohane East108   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Crohane West69   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Cruary East188   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Cruary West153   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Cullenagh363   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Curragh313   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Curraghgrane Beg72   DesertIbane and Barryroe
Curraghgrane More110   DesertEast Carbery (E.D.)
Curraheen86   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Curraheen236   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Currahevern East233   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Currahevern West164   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Currahy192   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Currane156   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Dairies8   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Darrary356   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Derry471   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Derry140   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Derrybaun80   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Derryduff427   RossIbane and Barryroe
Derrymeeleen441   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Derryvreen316   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)Ibane and Barryroe
Derryvreen76   CastleventryIbane and Barryroe
Desert339   DesertEast Carbery (E.D.)
Donaghmore312   DonaghmoreIbane and Barryroe
Donoure416   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Downeen885   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Drombeg81   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Dromgarriff335   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Dromgarriff East385   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Dromgarriff West138   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Dundeady354   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Duneen22   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Duneen185   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Dunmore226   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Dunnycove121   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Dunowen56   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Dunowen559   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Dunworly328   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
English Island7   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Farran89   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Farran77   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Farran502   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Farranacounter94   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Fourcuil125   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Fourcuil244   TemplebryanEast Carbery (E.D.)
Foxhall390   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Freahanes454   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Froe743   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Gallane243   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Gallanes353   KilnagrossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Ganniv Beg155   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Ganniv More146   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Garralacka230   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Garranagoleen266   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Garrane296   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Garrane133   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Garraneard276   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Garranecore144   TemplebryanEast Carbery (E.D.)
Garranecore189   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Garranecore186   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Garraneishal121   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Garranes416   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Garrymore65   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Gearagh498   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)Ibane and Barryroe
Glanbrack534   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Glebe26   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Gortagrenane129   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Gortnagearagh77   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Gortnascarty91   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Grange Beg264   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Grange More503   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Greenanes15   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Greenfield44   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Grillagh136   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Horse Rock Little1   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Inchinattin399   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Inchydoney Island474   IslandEast Carbery (E.D.)
Keamnabricka89   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Kilbeloge216   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Kilbree284   IslandEast Carbery (E.D.)
Kilgarriff835   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Kilkeran560   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Kill North136   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Kill South139   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Killavarrig708   TimoleagueEast Carbery (E.D.)
Killeen309   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Killeenleagh101   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Killeigh235   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Kilmaloda634   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Kilmeen261   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Kilmoylerane North306   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Kilmoylerane South324   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Kilruane272   RossIbane and Barryroe
Kilsillagh244   KilsillaghIbane and Barryroe
Knockacullen381   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Knockanemeeleen97   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Knockanoran80   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Knockaphonery156   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Knockatlowig312   CastleventryIbane and Barryroe
Knockea545   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Knockfeen188   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Knocknagappul102   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Knocknageehy247   RossIbane and Barryroe
Knocknanuss394   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Knocks309   KilkerranmoreEast Carbery (W.D.)
Knocks540   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Knocks186   KilmeanIbane and Barryroe
Knockskagh489   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Lackanalooha209   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Lackarour127   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Lackenagobidane48   IslandEast Carbery (E.D.)
Lackenduff251   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Lehenagh479   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Letter367   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Lettercollum209   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Lisbehegh255   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Liscubba462   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Lisduff161   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Lisleecourt420   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Lisleetemple193   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
LislevaneTownAbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Lislevane600   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Lisroe91   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Lissard87   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Lisselane429   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Lissycrimeen532   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Little-Island48   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Little-Island111   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Lonagh33   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Madame273   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Madame41   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Maul114   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Maulatanvally622   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Maulatrahane79   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Maulmacredmond389   TemplequinlanIbane and Barryroe
Maulmore105   TemplequinlanIbane and Barryroe
Maulnageragh135   KilnagrossEast Carbery (E.D.)
Maulnaskehy14   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Maulrour244   DesertsergesEast Carbery (E.D.)
Maulrour340   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Maulvirane302   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Maulycorcoran136   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Maulyregan681   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Meelmane226   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Miles268   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Milltown106   RathbarryIbane and Barryroe
Moneennamucky101   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Monteen589   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Mountain Common324   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Muckruss99   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Pallas25   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Pallas105   ArdfieldIbane and Barryroe
Reanascreena North365   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Reanascreena South421   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Reavilleen204   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Reengarrigeen560   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Reenroe123   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Rineen28   IslandIbane and Barryroe
Rocksavage166   TemplequinlanIbane and Barryroe
Ross CarberyTownRossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Rossmore456   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)East Carbery (W.D.)
Rouryglen263   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Sarue494   CastleventryEast Carbery (W.D.)
Scartagh186   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Shanaghobarravane173   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Skeaf452   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Skeaf East371   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Skeaf West477   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Sleveen360   Kilmeen (East Carbery-Ibane & Barryroe)Ibane and Barryroe
South-ring246   TempleomalusIbane and Barryroe
Spital & Aghmanister153   AbbeymahonIbane and Barryroe
Tawnies Lower238   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Tawnies Upper321   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Templebryan North436   TemplebryanEast Carbery (E.D.)
Templebryan South363   TemplebryanEast Carbery (E.D.)
TimoleagueTownTimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Timoleague185   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Tinneel133   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Tirnanean165   LisleeIbane and Barryroe
Town Lands53   RossWest Carbery (W.D.)
Tralong283   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Trieneens81   TemplequinlanIbane and Barryroe
Tullig135   KilmalodaEast Carbery (E.D.)
Tulligee131   RossEast Carbery (W.D.)
Tullyneasky East305   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Tullyneasky West315   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Ummera159   TimoleagueIbane and Barryroe
Woodfield601   KilkerranmoreIbane and Barryroe
Youghals177   KilgarriffEast Carbery (E.D.)
Youghals109   IslandEast Carbery (E.D.)