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   Poor Law Unions in County : Cork

 Poor Law Union 

 Townlands in the Poor Law Union of Skibbereen, county of Cork

Townland Acres   Civil ParishBarony
Abbey StrandTownTullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Abbeystrowry428   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Acres403   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Acres99   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Adam's Island1   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Adrigool450   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Aghadown211   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Aghatubrid Beg156   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Aghatubrid More274   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Aghaville515   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Aghillaun3   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Aghills732   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Angram143   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardagh211   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardagh271   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardagh North158   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardagh South68   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardagilla73   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardgehane177   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardgort88   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardnagrena158   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardnagroghery90   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardra83   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ardraly475   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballaghadown North235   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Ballaghadown South221   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Ballinard230   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballinatona140   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballincolla352   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballinlough200   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballyally193   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballycahane122   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballyieragh North240   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballyieragh South202   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballyisland101   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballylinchy796   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballymacrown663   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballyoughtera156   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballyourane535   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Ballyriree434   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ballyroe271   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
BaltimoreTownTullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Baltimore615   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Barna302   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Barnabah47   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Barnagowlane151   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Barnagowlane East963   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Barnagowlane West817   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Barryroe235   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bauravilla579   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Baurgarriff167   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Baurnahulla746   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawnboy257   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Bawnfune148   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawngare141   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawnishal365   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Bawnishall385   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawnlahan183   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawnlahan411   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawnnagollopy134   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawnnagollopy53   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawnnahow North229   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bawnnahow South207   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bigmarsh174   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bluid East104   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bluid West183   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bohernabredagh113   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Boolybane97   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Brade591   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Brulea167   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Bullock Island14   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Bunalunn435   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Bunlick123   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Caheragh664   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cahergal268   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Calf Island East77   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cappanabohy231   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Carhoogarriff401   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Carhoona42   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Carrig97   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Carrigbaun298   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Carrigbaun285   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Carrigeeny311   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Carrigfadda318   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
CarrigillihyTownMyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Carrigillihy253   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Carriglusky63   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Carrigtishane217   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cashel448   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Cashloura560   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Castle Island3   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Castledonovan123   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Castlehaven202   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
CastletownsendTownCastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Castletownsend315   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Ceancullig687   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Clashduff325   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Clodagh1,046   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cloddagh232   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cloghane Beg134   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cloghane More132   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cloghboola143   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Clontaff121   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Clooncugger758   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cloonkeen374   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cloonkeen East151   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Cloonties358   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Coarliss291   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Collatrum Beg102   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Collatrum More173   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Comillane141   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cooladereen157   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Coolbane520   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Coolboy522   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cooldurragha379   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Coolim2   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Coolnaclehy285   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Coolnagarrane285   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (W.D.)
Coomatallin609   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Coomavarrodig81   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Coomnageehy75   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cooradowney163   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cooragannive347   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cooranuller729   InchigeelaghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Coornishal576   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cooscroneen121   MyrossWest Carbery (W.D.)
Coronea582   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Corran Middle191   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Corran North473   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Corran South509   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Creagh417   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Croha East41   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Croha West67   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Crosslea41   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cullane East288   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Cullane West165   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Cullenagh860   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cullomane East755   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cullomane West364   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Cummeen438   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Cunnamore134   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Currabeg245   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Currabeg59   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Curragh296   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Curraghalicky317   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Curraghnaloughra356   DrinaghEast Carbery (W.D.)
Curranashingane309   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Curravally111   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Deelish788   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Deelish70   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derreenacrinnig East504   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derreenacrinnig West530   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derreenaspeeg338   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derreenavarrihy282   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Derreendangan212   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derreennacno201   CaheraghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derreeny306   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Derryclogh Lower400   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derryclogh Upper605   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derryduff187   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derrygereen293   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derrygoole114   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derryishal278   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Derryleigh264   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derrylurga524   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derrynagree East303   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Derrynagree East355   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Donegall East101   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Donegall Middle75   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Donegall West110   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Dooneen271   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Driminidy North262   DrinaghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Driminidy South548   DrinaghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Drishane77   CastlehavenWest Carbery (W.D.)
Drishanebeg336   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Drishanemore300   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Drishanemore300   CreaghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Drisheen239   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Drom211   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Dromadoon137   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Dromasta449   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Drombeg180   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Dromcorragh584   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Dromdaleague557   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (W.D.)
Dromduvane192   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Dromillihy423   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Dromnacaheragh108   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Dromore621   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Dromourneen1,107   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Drummig473   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Dungannon97   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Dunscullib168   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Eve Island1   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Fahouragh114   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Farranacoush377   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Farranagilla61   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Farranagilla102   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Farranconnor114   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Farrandau117   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Farrandeligeen101   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Fasagh133   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Foherlagh214   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Forenaght683   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Garrane969   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Garranes North552   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Garranes South430   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Garryglass488   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glanaclogha587   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glanaphuca629   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Glanatnaw690   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Glandart385   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glandarta471   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
GlandoreTownKilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Glannafeen259   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glannageel110   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glasheenaulin133   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glebe43   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glebe Marsh46   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glen East108   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glen Middle52   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Glen West65   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gneeves38   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gneeves89   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gokane167   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Goleenmarsh69   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortacrossig204   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortadrohid86   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortaliscaw81   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortbrack222   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortdromagh335   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Gorteenalomane190   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortnaclohy1,035   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortnadihy111   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortnalicky149   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortnalour49   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortnamucklagh332   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortnascreeny713   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Gortroe155   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Gortshaneerone134   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gortyowen84   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Gurrancs163   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gurteenaduige290   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Gurteeniher362   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Gurteenroe128   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Harboursmouth41   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Hare Island (aka: Inishodriscol)380   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
High Island3   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Highfield576   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Hollyhill357   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Horse Island26   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Illaunbrock3   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Illaungawna8   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Illaunkearagh1   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Illaunmore1   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Illaunnaseer2   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Inane188   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Inane79   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Inchinagotagh303   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Inchingerig390   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Inchnanoon127   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Inchybegga264   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Inishbeg370   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Inishleigh13   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Inishodriscol (aka: Hare Island)380   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Jeremiah's Island1   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kealanine779   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Keamore469   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kedge Island7   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Keenleen86   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kilbeg200   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Kilfadeen147   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kilfinnan386   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Kilkilleen239   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Killacoosane66   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Killaderry196   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Killahane50   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Killangal371   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Killaveenoge East337   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Killaveenoge West473   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Killeenanimrish14   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Killeenleagh270   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Killickaforavane39   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Killinga722   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Kilmacabea354   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Kilmoon223   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kilmore338   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kilnacally384   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Kilnaclasha560   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kilnagospagh346   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Kilnahera East257   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kilnahera West115   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kilsarlaght282   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Kilscohanagh352   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockanacohig62   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockane364   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockaneagh132   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockanenacrohy158   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Knockannamaurnagh38   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockanoulty64   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockaphreaghane96   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockarudane81   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Knockataggart133   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockavoher282   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Knockdrum29   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockeen160   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockeenbwee Lower213   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockeenbwee Upper229   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockeencon108   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockgorm421   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Knockmore553   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Knocknamohalagh91   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knocknaraha155   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Knockskagh826   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Lackaghane185   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lackenafasoge282   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Lahanaght971   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lahardane Beg71   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lahardane More232   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Laheratanvally123   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lahernathee119   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lahertidaly138   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lassanaroe374   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
League, The3   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
LeapTownKilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
LeapTownKilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Leighcloon207   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Leitry Lower357   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Leitry Upper383   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Letterscanlan97   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lettertinlish397   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Licknavar284   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lickowen139   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lisheen Lower61   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lisheen Upper187   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lisheennapingina92   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lisheenroe167   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lissalohorig419   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lissamona176   Clear-islandWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lissane Lower246   CaheraghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lissane Upper281   CaheraghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lissangle443   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Lissanoohig314   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lissarankin144   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lissaree137   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Listarkin163   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lognagappul383   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Loughcrot213   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Loughmarsh112   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Low Island1   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lurriga165   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Lyre212   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Madore208   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Madranna128   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Mallavonea26   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Mallavonea140   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Marsh154   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Maulagallane155   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Maulagow205   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Maulagow269   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Maulatrahane345   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Maulbrack450   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Maulicarrane114   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Maulmareen73   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Maulnagirra211   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Maulnaskeha275   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Maune142   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Maunvough230   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Mealisheen58   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Milleenahilan85   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Milleenahorna119   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Milleenahorna195   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Milleenawillin219   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Minanes569   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Mohanagh675   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Moneyvollahane342   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Moyny East318   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Moyny Lower216   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Moyny Middle107   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Moyny Upper225   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Mullaghmesha423   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Mullaghmore271   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Munnane210   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Munnig North354   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Munnig South77   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Myross226   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Oldcourt218   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Paddock194   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Paddock179   DrinaghEast Carbery (W.D.)
Pookeen159   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Poulnacallee153   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Poundlick362   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Prohoness288   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Quarantine Island1   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Rabbit Island17   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Raheen159   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Raheen256   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Rahine158   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Rathmore709   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Rea266   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Rearahinagh290   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Rearahinagh357   CaheraghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Reavouler800   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Reen252   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Reencorreen347   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Reendacussane94   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Reenmore Island41   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Reenmurragha500   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Reenogrena253   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Reenroe238   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Rossnagoose86   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Rushanes168   KilfaughnabegEast Carbery (W.D.)
Russagh431   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Sandy Island10   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Scobaun180   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Seehanes307   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Shanavalla128   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Shandrum243   DrinaghEast Carbery (W.D.)
Shreelane403   KilmacabeaWest Carbery (E.D.)
Shronacarton216   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Skahanagh173   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Skeagh552   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Skeam East49   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Skeam West30   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
SkibbereenTownCreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
SkibbereenTownAbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Skiddy Island1   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Slievemore283   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Smorane214   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Smorane223   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Spanish Island119   CreaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
The Catalogues4   TullaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
The League3   MyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
The Pike363   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Three-Gneeves178   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Toehead219   CastlehavenWest Carbery (E.D.)
Tonafora83   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Toneagh247   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Tooreen521   CaheraghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Tooreennasillane166   AbbeystrowryWest Carbery (E.D.)
Toormore142   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
Toughbaun441   DrinaghEast Carbery (W.D.)
Toughmacdermody255   DrinaghWest Carbery (E.D.)
Toughraheen277   DromdaleagueWest Carbery (E.D.)
Trawlebane499   CaheraghWest Carbery (W.D.)
Tullig402   KilmacabeaEast Carbery (W.D.)
Turkhead88   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)
UnionhallTownMyrossWest Carbery (E.D.)
Whitehall142   AghadownWest Carbery (E.D.)