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   Poor Law Unions in County : Donegal

 Poor Law Union 

 Townlands in the Poor Law Union of Inishowen, county of Donegal

Townland Acres   Civil ParishBarony
Adderville752   ClonmanyInishowen East
Aghaglassan2,119   CuldaffInishowen East
Aghatubbrid576   CuldaffInishowen East
Aghilly and Lenynarnan377   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Altahalla734   ClonmanyInishowen East
Altashane (aka: Cabadooey)1,591   DonaghInishowen East
Annagh826   ClonmanyInishowen East
Ardagh409   ClonmanyInishowen East
Ardaravan421   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Ardmalin1,980   CloncaInishowen East
Ballagh606   CloncaInishowen East
Balleeghan858   Moville LowerInishowen East
Balleeghan Lower265   CloncaInishowen East
Balleeghan Lower639   CuldaffInishowen East
Balleeghan Upper97   CloncaInishowen East
Balleeghan Upper1,006   CuldaffInishowen East
Balleelaghan668   CloncaInishowen East
Ballinlough938   Mintiaghs or Barr of InchInishowen West
Ballintlieve521   Mintiaghs or Barr of InchInishowen West
Ballyannan1,306   DesertegnyInishowen West
Ballyargus1,368   Moville UpperInishowen East
Ballybrack448   Moville LowerInishowen East
Ballycharry996   CuldaffInishowen East
Ballycramsy146   CloncaInishowen East
Ballygorman790   CloncaInishowen East
Ballykenny278   CloncaInishowen East
Ballylawn746   Moville UpperInishowen East
BallyliffinTownClonmanyInishowen East
Ballyliffin594   ClonmanyInishowen East
Ballylosky705   DonaghInishowen East
Ballymacarry556   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Ballymacarry Lower225   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Ballymacarthur794   Moville LowerInishowen East
Ballymacmoriarty860   ClonmanyInishowen East
Ballymagan Upr & Lwr & Clonblosk481   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Ballymagaraghy387   CuldaffInishowen East
Ballymagaraghy268   Moville LowerInishowen East
Ballynakeeloge258   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Ballynally756   Moville LowerInishowen East
Ballynarry640   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Ballyrattan837   Moville UpperInishowen East
Barnahone and Owenkillew584   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Baskill686   CuldaffInishowen East
Bauville Keeloges and Clonglash727   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Binnion513   ClonmanyInishowen East
Bredagh Glen873   Moville LowerInishowen East
Bree1,151   CloncaInishowen East
BuncranaTownFahan LowerInishowen West
Cabry927   Moville UpperInishowen East
Carnagarve743   Moville LowerInishowen East
Carndoagh607   DonaghInishowen East
CarndonaghTownDonaghInishowen East
Carrickabraghy441   ClonmanyInishowen East
Carrickafodan777   DonaghInishowen East
Carrickmaquigley832   Moville UpperInishowen East
Carroghill305   Mintiaghs or Barr of InchInishowen West
Carrowbeg464   Moville LowerInishowen East
Carrowblagh2,414   DonaghInishowen East
Carrowblagh745   Moville LowerInishowen East
Carrowblagh (aka: Leckemy)935   Moville LowerInishowen East
Carrowhugh633   Moville LowerInishowen East
Carrowkeel110   Moville UpperInishowen East
Carrowmenagh713   Moville LowerInishowen East
Carrowmore (aka: Glentogher)5,784   DonaghInishowen East
Carrowmore839   CloncaInishowen East
Carrowmore798   CuldaffInishowen East
Carrownaff225   Moville UpperInishowen East
Carrowreagh (aka: Craignacally)497   ClonmanyInishowen East
Carrowreagh1,803   DonaghInishowen East
Carrowtrasna808   Moville LowerInishowen East
Carthage1,497   CuldaffInishowen East
Cashel762   CuldaffInishowen East
Cashel1,449   DonaghInishowen East
Churchland Quarters (aka: (Carrowtemple, Moneyshandoney, & Carrick))5,187   DonaghInishowen East
Claggan112   Moville UpperInishowen East
Clare957   Moville UpperInishowen East
Cleenagh373   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Clehagh359   ClonmanyInishowen East
Clonblosk&Ballymagan Upr & Lwr481   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Clonca782   CloncaInishowen East
Clonglash and Bauville Keeloges727   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Cloontagh1,930   ClonmanyInishowen East
Connaghkinnagoe844   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Cooly866   Moville UpperInishowen East
Creehennan828   Moville UpperInishowen East
Crockahenny857   Moville UpperInishowen East
Crockglass358   Moville UpperInishowen East
Cross121   Moville UpperInishowen East
Crossconnell255   ClonmanyInishowen East
Culdaff245   CuldaffInishowen East
Culdaff Glebe158   CuldaffInishowen East
Culineen300   Moville UpperInishowen East
Culoort987   CloncaInishowen East
Dristernan508   CuldaffInishowen East
Drumaville369   CuldaffInishowen East
Drumaville1,298   CloncaInishowen East
Drumavohy187   CloncaInishowen East
Drumaweer608   Moville LowerInishowen East
Drumballycasian53   CloncaInishowen East
Drumcarbit742   CloncaInishowen East
Druminderry Upper & Lower585   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Drumlee630   CuldaffInishowen East
Drumlough318   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Drumnaskea314   CloncaInishowen East
Drung197   CloncaInishowen East
Drung1,757   Moville UpperInishowen East
Dunaff1,174   ClonmanyInishowen East
Dunagard289   CloncaInishowen East
Dunree212   DesertegnyInishowen West
Dunross604   CloncaInishowen East
Eleven Ballyboes408   Moville LowerInishowen East
Evishbreedy1,059   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Fallask1,009   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Fegart308   ClonmanyInishowen East
Flughland170   Moville UpperInishowen East
Foffanagh462   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Freehold218   CuldaffInishowen East
Gaddyduff165   ClonmanyInishowen East
Glackadrumman576   CloncaInishowen East
Glasalt (aka: Treanfasy)1,448   DonaghInishowen East
Glashedy Island7   ClonmanyInishowen East
Glasmullan1,073   Mintiaghs or Barr of InchInishowen West
Glebe193   DesertegnyInishowen West
Glebe267   DonaghInishowen East
Glebe99   Moville UpperInishowen East
Glencaw528   Moville UpperInishowen East
Glencrow268   Moville UpperInishowen East
Glengad2,569   CuldaffInishowen East
Glenmakee716   DonaghInishowen East
Glennagiveny1,697   Moville LowerInishowen East
Goorey203   CloncaInishowen East
Gort4   CloncaInishowen East
Gort1   CloncaInishowen East
Gort1   CuldaffInishowen East
Gort Glebe5   DonaghInishowen East
Gort North2   Moville UpperInishowen East
Gort South3   Moville UpperInishowen East
Gortanny125   Moville UpperInishowen East
Gortleck1,356   DesertegnyInishowen West
Gortyarrigan632   DesertegnyInishowen West
Gransha446   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Gulladoo1,086   Moville LowerInishowen East
Illies2,293   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Inishtrahull113   CloncaInishowen East
Keeloges, Bauville, and Clonglash727   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Keenagh226   CloncaInishowen East
Keeranbane479   Moville UpperInishowen East
Killin287   CloncaInishowen East
Kindroghed414   CuldaffInishowen East
Kinnagoe497   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Kinnea564   ClonmanyInishowen East
Knock164   CuldaffInishowen East
Knockamany306   CloncaInishowen East
Knockergrana161   CloncaInishowen East
Knockglass158   CloncaInishowen East
Lag349   CloncaInishowen East
Lagacurry432   ClonmanyInishowen East
Laraghirril364   CloncaInishowen East
Leamacrossan820   Moville UpperInishowen East
Lederg1,180   DesertegnyInishowen West
Leitrim806   CuldaffInishowen East
Lenan1,583   ClonmanyInishowen East
Lenynarnan and Aghilly377   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Letter851   ClonmanyInishowen East
Liafin489   DesertegnyInishowen West
Linsfort331   DesertegnyInishowen West
Lougherbraghy595   CloncaInishowen East
Luddan519   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Magheradrumman1,916   DonaghInishowen East
Magheralahan140   Moville UpperInishowen East
Magheranaul233   ClonmanyInishowen East
Magheryard413   CloncaInishowen East
MalinTownCloncaInishowen East
Meedanmore341   CloncaInishowen East
Meenabaltin463   Moville UpperInishowen East
Meenadiff420   Mintiaghs or Barr of InchInishowen West
Meenagory736   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Meenaleavin588   Moville UpperInishowen East
Meenalooban130   DesertegnyInishowen West
Meenamullaghan323   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Meenavanaghan352   Moville UpperInishowen East
Meendacalliagh1,435   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Meendoran1,050   ClonmanyInishowen East
Meenkeeragh812   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Meenletterbale1,259   Moville LowerInishowen East
Moneydarragh2,596   CuldaffInishowen East
Mossy Glen793   Moville LowerInishowen East
MovilleTownMoville LowerInishowen East
Muff470   CuldaffInishowen East
Muineagh244   DesertegnyInishowen West
Norrira489   CloncaInishowen East
Oort754   CuldaffInishowen East
Owenboy2,021   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Owenkillew & Barnahone584   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Rashenny791   ClonmanyInishowen East
Redford Glebe474   CloncaInishowen East
Roosky212   Moville UpperInishowen East
Roosky1,239   ClonmanyInishowen East
Shandrim1,323   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Sharagore798   DesertegnyInishowen West
Sladran1,267   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Sorne691   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Straid3,171   ClonmanyInishowen East
Stranaclea389   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Straths374   ClonmanyInishowen East
Stroove1,052   Moville LowerInishowen East
Templemoule1,013   CloncaInishowen East
Tirmacroragh664   CuldaffInishowen East
Tiryrone964   Moville UpperInishowen East
Tonduff699   DesertegnyInishowen West
Trillick444   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Tromaty586   Moville UpperInishowen East
Tromaty432   MuffInishowen West
Tullagh711   ClonmanyInishowen West
Tullanree581   DonaghInishowen East
Tully Beg72   CloncaInishowen West
Tully More110   CloncaInishowen East
Tullyally1,062   Moville UpperInishowen East
Tullyarvan828   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Tullydush Lower454   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Tullydush Upper722   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Tullynabratilly974   ClonmanyInishowen East
Tullynavinn894   Moville UpperInishowen East
Umgall461   CloncaInishowen East
Umrycam645   Fahan LowerInishowen West
Urbalreagh545   CloncaInishowen East
Urrismenagh1,564   ClonmanyInishowen East
Whitecastle109   Moville UpperInishowen East