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   Poor Law Unions in County : Kildare

 Poor Law Union 

 Townlands in the Poor Law Union of Athy, county of Kildare

TownlandAcres   Civil ParishBarony 
Moortowncastle372   TullyKilcullen
Thomastown396   TullyKilcullen
Abbeyland144   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Ardree323   ArdreeKilkea and Moone
Ardree476   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Ballaghmoon296   BallaghmoonKilkea and Moone
Ballaghmoon Castle266   BallaghmoonKilkea and Moone
Ballindrum662   NarraghmoreKilkea and Moone
Ballyburn Lower367   KillelanKilkea and Moone
Ballyburn Upper252   KillelanKilkea and Moone
Ballynamony141   KilkeaKilkea and Moone
Ballyroe356   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Ballyvannan50   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Ballyvass765   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Barnhill99   GraneyKilkea and Moone
Barnhill East119   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Barnhill West213   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Beaconstown522   KilkeaKilkea and Moone
Belan1,197   BelanKilkea and Moone
Bigbog228   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Blackcastle173   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Bray Lower326   St. MichaelsKilkea and Moone
Bray Upper240   St. MichaelsKilkea and Moone
Burtown Big783   MooneKilkea and Moone
Burtown Little438   MooneKilkea and Moone
CastledermotTownCastledermotKilkea and Moone
Castledermot120   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Castleroe East295   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Castleroe West512   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Coltstown98   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Coolane240   KilkeaKilkea and Moone
Crooket289   KillelanKilkea and Moone
Crophill151   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Dairyfarm85   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Davidstown Lower271   GraneyKilkea and Moone
Davidstown Upper295   GraneyKilkea and Moone
Dollardstown189   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Dunmanoge318   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Garterfarm124   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Gorteenvacan283   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Gotham221   BallaghmoonKilkea and Moone
Grangemellon924   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Grangerosnolvan153   GrangerosnolvanKilkea and Moone
Grangerosnolvan Lower749   GrangerosnolvanKilkea and Moone
Grangerosnolvan Upper519   GrangerosnolvanKilkea and Moone
Halfmiletown22   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Hallahoise895   KillelanKilkea and Moone
Heath197   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Hobartstown East287   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Hobartstown West422   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Irishtown517   MooneKilkea and Moone
Jerusalem288   PainestownKilkea and Moone
Johnstown North424   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Johnstown South319   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Kilkea Lower438   KilkeaKilkea and Moone
Kilkea Upper532   KilkeaKilkea and Moone
Knockaphuca82   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Knocknacree47   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Knocknacree271   GraneyKilkea and Moone
Knocknagee479   BallaghmoonKilkea and Moone
Knockroe299   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Leinsterlodge290   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Levitstown653   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Levitstown384   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Lisbush123   BallaghmoonKilkea and Moone
Lodgefarm720   KilkeaKilkea and Moone
Maganey Lower246   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Maganey Upper14   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Monaclaudy187   BallaghmoonKilkea and Moone
MooneTownMooneKilkea and Moone
Moone2,877   MooneKilkea and Moone
Mullaghreelan500   KilkeaKilkea and Moone
Mullamast1,451   NarraghmoreKilkea and Moone
Mullarney99   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Newtown47   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Newtownallen602   BallaghmoonKilkea and Moone
Newtownpilsworth287   DunmanogeKilkea and Moone
Nicholastown962   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Prumpelstown Lower286   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Prumpelstown Upper218   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Rosetown429   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Snugburrow225   TankardstownKilkea and Moone
Townparks95   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Woodlands East398   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Woodlands West389   CastledermotKilkea and Moone
Annalough115   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Ardscull1,188   MooneNarragh and Reban East
Ballintaggart280   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Ballyadams93   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Ballybarney394   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Ballycullane440   TankardstownNarragh and Reban East
Ballynagussaun203   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Battlemount781   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Blackhall396   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Blackrath1,156   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Boley Great434   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Boley Little251   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Boleybeg521   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Bullhill272   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Calverstown786   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Calverstown Demesne223   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Calverstown Little407   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Castlefarm139   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Colbinstown251   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Crookstown Lower296   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Davidstown267   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Fontstown Lower352   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Fontstown Upper326   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Foxhill578   MooneNarragh and Reban East
Glassely660   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Inch598   MooneNarragh and Reban East
Inchaquire686   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Killeen542   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Kilmead487   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Lipstown198   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Lipstown Lower409   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Lipstown Upper216   DavidstownNarragh and Reban East
Lynamsgarden125   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Monatore88   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Narramore589   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Narramore Demesne307   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Oldgrange363   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Oldgrange15   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Rahoonbeak325   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban East
Rathsillagh Lower173   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Rathsillagh Upper342   FontstownNarragh and Reban East
Turnerstown131   MooneNarragh and Reban East
Aghanure257   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Ardmore241   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Ardnagross128   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban West
Ardrew81   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
AthyTownChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
AthyTownSt. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
AthyTownSt. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Athy52   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Athy162   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Ballybought48   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Ballynabarna240   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban West
Ballynasculloge80   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Ballyroe427   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Barkersford128   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Barrowford105   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Belview99   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Bennetsbridge416   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Bert Demesne192   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Blackford197   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Blackparks51   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Blackwood661   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Bleach90   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Brackney308   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Brownstown137   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Cardington85   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Cardington Demesne96   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Castlemitchell North723   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Castlemitchell South327   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Castlereban North696   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Castlereban South221   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Chanterlands70   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Churchtown North197   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Churchtown South95   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Clogorrow358   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Cloney1,518   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Clonmullin11   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Clonmullin55   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Coneyburrow85   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Coneyburrow9   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Coolroe198   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Courttown East192   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Courttown West124   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Crohanree295   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Forest315   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Gallowshill306   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Geraldine356   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Goulyduff375   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Graysland53   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Graysland2   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Kilberry1,497   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Kilcoo287   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Kilcrow357   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Lowtown743   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Milltown460   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Moatstown113   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Newtownbert813   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Oldcourt646   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Paudeenourstown52   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Prusselstown173   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Prusselstown69   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Quqrry224   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Raheenadeeragh367   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Rathgrumly210   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban West
Rathstewart52   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Rosbran91   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Roundhills59   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Russellstown196   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Salisbury63   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Sawyerswood206   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Shamrocklodge25   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Shanraheen164   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Shanrath6   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Shanrath East123   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Shanrath West111   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Sheean426   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Sheean163   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Skerries North506   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban West
Skerries South301   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban West
Smallford351   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Srowland121   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Tinnakill229   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban West
Tomard413   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Tonlegee71   St. John's (Athy)Narragh and Reban West
Townparks118   St. MichaelsNarragh and Reban West
Townparks128   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Tullygorey198   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Tyrrellstown259   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Willsgrove81   KilberryNarragh and Reban West
Woodstock North231   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Woodstock North225   ChurchtownNarragh and Reban West
Youngstown304   NarraghmoreNarragh and Reban West
Martinstown374   BallyshannonOffaly East
Martinstown150   TullyOffaly East
Martinstown53   BallysaxOffaly East
Martinstown274   CarnOffaly East
Ardellis Lower163   FontstownOffaly West
Ardellis Upper284   FontstownOffaly West
Ashgrove75   BallybrackanOffaly West
Aughrim756   LackaghOffaly West
Balkinstown302   NurneyOffaly West
Ballyfarson177   MonasterevinOffaly West
Ballygreany441   DuneanyOffaly West
Ballykelly391   LackaghOffaly West
Ballynagalliagh (aka: Mayfield)303   DuneanyOffaly West
Ballyneage (aka: Hybla)641   DuneanyOffaly West
Ballyshannon227   BallyshannonOffaly West
Ballyshannon Demesne161   BallyshannonOffaly West
Ballyvarney197   WalterstownOffaly West
Barraderra190   MonasterevinOffaly West
Bawn127   HarristownOffaly West
Blackditch344   NurneyOffaly West
Boghall344   HarristownOffaly West
Boherbaun Lower462   HarristownOffaly West
Boherbaun Upper (aka: Monapheeby)374   HarristownOffaly West
Boleybeg90   FontstownOffaly West
Borough172   KilrushOffaly West
Bushypark278   KilrushOffaly West
Carrighill Lower149   BallyshannonOffaly West
Carrighill Upper161   BallyshannonOffaly West
Castlefarm166   KilrushOffaly West
Chapelfarm192   KilrushOffaly West
Cherrymills158   HarristownOffaly West
Cherryville472   LackaghOffaly West
Clarey448   HarristownOffaly West
Clogheen386   LackaghOffaly West
Clogheen525   MonasterevinOffaly West
Cloncarlin (aka: Globeisland)359   MonasterevinOffaly West
Clondown158   LackaghOffaly West
Clonegath596   MonasterevinOffaly West
Cloneybeg527   HarristownOffaly West
Concealment350   LackaghOffaly West
Coolagh267   HarristownOffaly West
Coolatogher180   LackaghOffaly West
Coolier24   LackaghOffaly West
Coolnafearagh629   MonasterevinOffaly West
Coolsickin (aka: Quinsborough)617   LackaghOffaly West
Coolyphullagh328   KilrushOffaly West
Cowpasture179   MonasterevinOffaly West
Crawnglass240   BallyshannonOffaly West
Crockaun331   BallyshannonOffaly West
Crossmorris168   LackaghOffaly West
Cush172   BallybrackanOffaly West
Derrylea1,205   LackaghOffaly West
Derrynine263   FontstownOffaly West
Derryoughter East600   BallybrackanOffaly West
Derryoughter West654   BallybrackanOffaly West
Duneany1,092   DuneanyOffaly West
Eaglehill337   KilrushOffaly West
Elone213   KilrushOffaly West
Eskerhill137   HarristownOffaly West
Fasagh199   BallybrackanOffaly West
Fearaun207   KilrushOffaly West
Fearmore65   BallybrackanOffaly West
Fennor308   DuneanyOffaly West
Gorteen87   BallybrackanOffaly West
Gorteen Lower129   FontstownOffaly West
Gorteen Upper341   FontstownOffaly West
Gorteenoona69   MonasterevinOffaly West
Grangebeg389   MonasterevinOffaly West
Grangecoor243   MonasterevinOffaly West
Greatrath230   KilrushOffaly West
Harristown Lower258   HarristownOffaly West
Harristown Upper203   HarristownOffaly West
Hillfarm238   KilrushOffaly West
Ironhills720   KilrushOffaly West
Kilbeg83   BallybrackanOffaly West
Kilboggan171   KilrushOffaly West
Kildangan988   KildanganOffaly West
Kildoon410   NurneyOffaly West
Kill262   MonasterevinOffaly West
Killeen East145   BallybrackanOffaly West
Killeen West205   BallybrackanOffaly West
Kilpatrick130   BallybrackanOffaly West
Kilrush212   KilrushOffaly West
Knavinstown618   KnavinstownOffaly West
Lackagh Beg503   LackaghOffaly West
Lackagh More486   LackaghOffaly West
Lackaghbog21   LackaghOffaly West
Larch Hill119   BallybrackanOffaly West
Lenagorra184   HarristownOffaly West
Loughabor276   FontstownOffaly West
Lughil275   BallybrackanOffaly West
Millfarm193   KilrushOffaly West
Millfarm23   LackaghOffaly West
MonasterevinTownMonasterevinOffaly West
Monasterevin208   MonasterevinOffaly West
Monasterevin Bog153   MonasterevinOffaly West
Mooreabbey Demesne1,267   MonasterevinOffaly West
Mountrice632   LackaghOffaly West
Mountrice Bog43   LackaghOffaly West
Mullaghmoyne East187   BallyshannonOffaly West
Mullaghmoyne West201   BallyshannonOffaly West
Mullaghroe Lower106   LackaghOffaly West
Mullaghroe Upper105   LackaghOffaly West
Mylerstown244   HarristownOffaly West
Mynagh50   RathanganOffaly West
Mynagh101   LackaghOffaly West
Newtown373   BallyshannonOffaly West
NurneyTownNurneyOffaly West
Nurney258   NurneyOffaly West
Nurney Bog147   NurneyOffaly West
Nurney Demesne334   NurneyOffaly West
Oghil1,186   MonasterevinOffaly West
Oldgrange402   MonasterevinOffaly West
Passlands104   MonasterevinOffaly West
Pollagorteen276   LackaghOffaly West
Pullagh208   HarristownOffaly West
Quinsborough (aka: Coolsicken)617   LackaghOffaly West
Racefield192   BallyshannonOffaly West
Rathconnell374   FontstownOffaly West
Rathconnell Wood517   FontstownOffaly West
Rathmuck297   DuneanyOffaly West
Rickardstown Lower490   HarristownOffaly West
Rickardstown Upper232   HarristownOffaly West
Riverstown240   BallybrackanOffaly West
Rock188   KilrushOffaly West
Shindala158   LackaghOffaly West
Skirteen89   MonasterevinOffaly West
Stramillian106   MonasterevinOffaly West
Tawnrush223   KilrushOffaly West
Tippeenan Lower185   FontstownOffaly West
Tippeenan Upper185   FontstownOffaly West
Tobercocka88   LackaghOffaly West
Toghereen152   LackaghOffaly West
Togherorymore143   LackaghOffaly West
Ummeras Beg162   LackaghOffaly West
Ummeras More595   LackaghOffaly West
Walterstown1,039   WalterstownOffaly West
Walterstown Lower265   WalterstownOffaly West
Wevil23   BallyshannonOffaly West
Whitehouse223   FontstownOffaly West