Church and Catholic Parish Search. This option searches for the closest Catholic Chapel to a selected location based on Chapel locations as they were in the late 1830s and early 1840s. The results are showns on a map with markers showing these Churches, along with names of the linked Parishes. To select a search location click on the map to place the Search Marker (), the marker may also be moved by clicking on it and holding, while dragging with the mouse or pointing device, then click 'search search' below the map to start. The usual Google map navigation is also available, either using the pan and zoom control functions to the left of the map, or by clicking and dragging the map, or zooming with the mouse wheel.

Search Distance :
10km 20km 30km

The search locates the nearest chapels 'as the crow flies', and does not take account of geographic features such as mountains, bogs, rivers etc. For details of counties covered by each Diocese and Sources used see here