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Select a Catholic Diocese and Parish to view details of the Parish and locations of Chapels as they were during the late 1830s, early 1840s.

The Catholic Church Mapping cross-reference data was compiled using Lewis Topographical Directory of 1837 and the Catholic Directory of 1838 as primary reference sources and matching Catholic Parishes listed in these to Civil Parishes on the 1851 Townland Database, along with the 1848 Catholic Parish directory.

Chapels were located on the Historic OSI maps, and ITM Coordinates are included which can be used on GeoHive/OSI to view original c1840 map - see GeoHive Notes for details.

Each Chapel marker has an information pop-up which includes details of the parish and location along with GPR and ITM coordinates and a link to open Google Map Directions, which should function correctly on most phones - e.g. iPhone.  (Note : Google map directions lead to what Google considers the closest point, which may not be exact location of the current church or ruins)