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BALDOYLE, a maritime parish and village in Coolock barony, Dublin county; 7 miles N.E:. from Dublin, comprising an area of 1,236 acres, of which 27 are in the village. Population of parish, 1,100; of village 835 inhabiting 163 houses. It is situated upon a small creek of the Irish sea to the north of the isthmus that connected the promontory of Howth with the main land, and close to the line of the Drogheda Railway of which it in the third station from Dublin.

In 1369 Sir William De Windsor, the then Lord Deputy, is said to have convened a Parliament here for the purpose of levying subsidies. The only public building is the Roman Catholic Chapel, a handsome structure with a portico of four Tuscan pillars, above which is a turret supporting a dome and cross, It has a Dispensary, Parochial and National Schools for children of both sexes, and is a Constabulary Police and Coast Guard Station. The creek is only fit for fishing wherries and boats, of which several belong to the place In summer it is much frequented by sea bathers for the strength and purity of the water and its line smooth bench In 1166, the manor of Baldoyle was granted by Dermot Mac Murrough to the priory of All Saints, Dublin. At the Grange, which is close to the Railway, is the picturesque ruins of the ancient church.

The Railway train from Dublin to Drogheda stop at 42 m, past 10, A.M., .57 m. past 12, 42 m. past 2, 12 m. past 4, 57 m. past 7, and 18 m. past 10, P.M. The up trains to Dublin stop at 42 m. past 10, and 7 m. past 11, A.M., at 37 m. past 1, 7 m, past 3, 37 m. past 4, 22 m. past 6, 7 m. past 9, and at 51 m. past 10 P.M. The fares are, first class carriages, 8d. ; second class, 6d. ; third class, 4d. The mail from Dublin arrives at 9, A.M., and is despatched at 4, P.M.

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