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DONNYBROOK a Village in the parish of the same name, Dublin barony and county two miles S. E. from the General Post Office, Dublin, comprising an area of 155 acres. Population, 1,610. it is situated upon the river Dodder, over which is Anglesea bridge, an erection in compliment to the nobleman of that name while Viceroy, in 1835, and on the road to Bray.

It is remarkable only for its fair, originally granted by King John to hold for fifteen days (now a week's) duration, commencing on 26th August, for the sale of horses, cattle, sheep, and pigs. As a pleasure fair, year after year, it is rapidly falling into disuse. It is held on both sides of the road, close to the river, on ground belonging to John Madden, esq. The village consists of one main street, with some few avenues and lanes branching off and along the fair green and river, and containing 204 houses small and irregularly built. The parish Church, in Simmonscourt, dedicated to St. Mary, is a spacious and elegant vaulted building, in the early style. The Roman Catholic Chapel in the village, is a plain edifice. There is also a Presbyterian Meeting-house and Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, a Magdalen Asylum, and a Dispensary ; and on the road to Dublin is the Hospital for Incurables, maintained partly by an annual parliamentary grant, amounting in 1846 to £500; also a lunatic asylum, called the Bloomfield Retreat, established by the Society of' Friends. There are schools of Erasmus Smith's, foundation, and one attached to clue Roman Catholic Chapel, also a Sunday school.

It is within the G.P.O. delivery. Letters, to be forwarded same day or evening, must be deposited in the Post Office receiver at noon, or by 4, p.m.

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