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MONKSTOWN, a maritime parish, partly in the barony of Dublin, but chiefly in that of Rathdown, Dublin county, 6 1/2 miles S.E. from the G.P.O., Dublin, comprising, with the town of Kingstown and the villages of Blackrock, Bullock, Glasthule, and Honeypark, an area of 2,051 acres. Population, 13,143, inhabiting 1,041 houses.

It is delightfully situated on the south side of the bay of Dublin, and, independent of that which is noticed under the heads of Kingstown and Blackrock, (which see,) the rural portion embraces some of the most rich and varied landscapes; innumerable seats and villas, encircled in demesnes, or adorned with shrubberies and gardens, abound; other residences approximating to, or on the line of road to Kingstown, in beautiful aligned terraces front the sea, or command fine views of the Dublin and Wicklow mountains. The church of Monkstown, in the later English style, stands on the right of the road to Kingstown, and is an imposing if not a handsome structure, and very neatly fitted up within ; also a meeting-house of tile Society of Friends. Here is the Rathdown dispensary and hospital, maintained by subscription, and serves for the whole barony of that name, of which it is in the centre. It consists of 4 wards, in each of which are 8 beds, with all necessary medical attendance.

There are parochial and national schools for both sexes, as also an infant's school. The nearest Post Office receiver is at Kingstown.

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