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RATHMINES, an extensive village and district, suburban to the metropolis, in file parish of St. Peter, Uppercross barony, Dublin county, two miles south from the General Post Office, Dublin, comprising an area of 413 acres. Population 2,429, inhabiting .379 houses. It is situated on the road to Rathfarnham and Tallaght.

On the 2nd August, 1649, it was the scene of a great battle between the Royalist army and the Parliamentarian forces; the former commanded by the Marquess of Ormonde, and the Republicans headed by Colonel Michael Jones: the result was, the Royal army, consisting of 11,000 foot and horse, were completely routed, 600 killed, and 300 officers and 1,500 men made prisoners. Ludlow describes Rathmines, in his time, as "encompassed with a wall 16 feet high enclosing 10 acres."

Little more than twenty years ago, it was an insignificant village, but is now one continued line of elegant buildings, upwards of a mile and half in length, intersected by numerous terraces, with detached villas, and only separated from the city at Portobello, by the Grand Canal, here crossed by Latouche's bridge, and where the municipal and parliamentary boundaries terminate. The Church, which serves as chapel of ease to that of St. Peter's, and dedicated to the Holy Trinity, is in the pointed style, with a square tower, and spire and vaulted roof, with lancet windows, after the design of the ancient crypts. The Roman Catholic Chapel is a large and handsome structure, in the later style, and the principal one of the Union of St. Mary and St. Peter. A branch of the Loretto Convent is in Upper Rathmines. On the right of the road from Dublin is Portobello Artillery and Cavalry Barracks for 600 officers, men, and horses. There are female free and National schools, and a Police station in Rathmines-avenue.

Rathfarnham omnibuses pass the road five times each day, at fares of 4d. inside, 3d. outside. It is within the General Post Office delivery. Letters to be forwarded same day or evening, must be deposited in the Post Office receiver at noon, or by 4, p.m.

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