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ROUNDTOWN, a village in the parish of Rathfarnham, Rathdown barony, Dublin county, 3 miles South from the General Post Office, Dublin, comprising an area of 41 acres. Population 1,048, inhabiting 172 houses. It is situated on the road to Rathfarnham and the (day) mail road to Kilkenny.

It takes its name from a circle of cottages near the cross roads, branching from Harold's-cross and Rathgar. The neighbourhood abounds in handsome seats and villas; the principal of which are Bushy-park, Fortfield, Kimmage-house, and Terenure. In the grounds of the latter there are extensive conservatories - a range containing upwards of 12,000 square feet of glass, and richly stocked with choice plants and flowers ; among the trees are upwards of 1,750 different species of rose tree.

Letters to be forwarded same day or evening, must be deposited in the Post Office receiver at noon, or by 4, p.m.

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