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Cross reference Tithe parishes on the National Archives of Ireland website with civil parishes from the 1851 townland index, with corrected browse, search or image links.

Select a county and optionally a search term, wildcard(s) of * allowed.

The Tithe parish search also checks alternate names and name corrections.

Links are included to the National Archives pages, where possible as a browse option or Search link

Where a civil parish does not appear on the NAI parish list an image link is shown.

For mixed parishes, i.e. a Tithe parish which includes several civil parishes , which can be in different counties, an Image Browse link using the IrelandGen Tithe tool is given where possible.

To change to Civil Parish search mode and back to Tithe Parish search, select the < Switch > link option.

The cross-reference data was created by comparing the Parishes listed on the Tithe Transcripts on the NAI website (for the 26 counties in the Republic of Ireland), and cross matching these against civil parishes on the Townland Database (1851) and checking for matching townlands.

Updated v1.05 - added seperate image links for most of the 'duplicate' county parishes - ' e.g. Inch, Co. Wexford, Kilmurry Co. Clare, Dysert, Co. Kerry etc. Fixed minor issue with search by name for parishes with alternate names, added civil parish notes to Tithe view, and added the parishes listed under Co. Down, Co. Fermanagh and Co. Armagh to Tithe view.

The next stage planned is a reverse check on the remaining unlinked civil parishes on the townland database to attempt to match these against their corresponding Tithe Parish.

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