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SurnameFirstname(s)OccupationNumberStreetCust. Hse. Ex.Page/Line
GuinnessArthurBrewer 1James street41/41   
CurtisPatrick, Wm. and Christ.Tanner 14James streetY29/21   
EdgarPatrickSeedsman 15James street34/7   
NessfieldSamuelTanner 21James street61/23   
JennetPatrick and ChristopherBrewer 28James street47/25   
ReilyJamesBrewer 31James streetY67/25   
GoslinWilliamBrewer 32James street40/25   
GrehanPeterBrewer 32James streetY41/21   
GriffinJamesTanner 33James street41/26   
MahonTimothyMerchant 39James street56/37   
CurtisRichardTanner 40James street29/22   
MillarJosephTanner 46James street58/27   
LangJames and HughMerchant 52James streetY51/37   
CrehanThadyBrewer 55James street41/22   
EwingPatrickFlax dresser 76James streetY35/13   
HutchinsDanielTobacconist 78James street46/32   
CoxAmbroseBrewer 83James streetY28/21   
PlunkettThomas & PatrickMerchant 87James streetY65/23   
Reynolds and BrettBrewer 89James street67/36   
MageeJamesTable beer brewer 90James street56/24   
GreenThomasAlderman 100James streetY41/16   
Mc. DermottJohnMerchant 112James streetY55/3   
FayCatharineGrocer 112James street35/32   
MandersRichardBaker 113James street57/1   
JudgeAnneStamper 125James street48/20   
GlananPaulSkinner 126James street39/38   
TallonAliceBaker 126James street75/9   
KimberlyEdwardStone cutter 127James street50/29   
PearsonRichardIronmonger 129James street64/24   
SinnotJamesTanner 153James street72/14   
MandersJoshuaTimber merchant 157James street56/41   
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