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SurnameFirstname(s)OccupationNumberStreetCust. Hse. Ex.Page/Line
BattyThomasHatter 49College green17/33   
CassidyLukeHatter 6Meath street24/29   
Cavanagh and FayleHatter 66Meath street24/35   
ConnellJohnHatter 9Christ church lane27/12   
CruiceJamesHatter 57Christ church yard29/8   
DelahoydeThomasHatter 1Cork hill31/1   
EganPatrickHatter 13Meath row34/18   
Elwood and PeeleHatter 89Dame street34/30   
EnnisPatrickHatter 1Cork hill34/37   
FinnDanielHatter 21old Church street36/17   
FordLukeHatter 25Parliament street37/29   
FuryAnneHatter 78Meath street38/21   
FuryJohnHatter 15Meath street38/22   
GeorgeAnneHatter 7little Ship street39/13   
GraceJohnHatter Haberdasher 15Cutpurse row40/31   
GuestFrederickHatter 92Dame street41/40   
HalpenHenryHatter 13E. Arran street42/16   
IrwinEleanorHatter 23Temple bar48/19   
KelletCharlesHatter 46Temple bar49/8   
MaddockJohnHatter 19Temple bar56/18   
MaddockJosephHatter 12Cork hill56/19   
MartinJamesHatter 29little Ship street57/20   
Mc. CabeJohnHatter 42Essex street54/15   
PageBenjaminHatter 7Prussia street63/35   
ParvisolFrancisHatter 27Parliament street64/11   
ParvisolIsaiahHatter E. Garden lane64/12   
ParvisolRobertHatter 32Prussia street64/13   
PriceAnneHatter 44Temple bar66/3   
SavageLukeHatter 21Parliament street70/16   
SavageMarkHatter 19Castle street70/17   
TateAlexanderHatter 46Essex street75/14   
WhiteJohnHatter 12Temple bar80/11   
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