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SurnameFirstname(s)OccupationNumberStreetCust. Hse. Ex.Page/Line
AllenSarahLinen draper 95Bride street14/21   
BarryNathanielLinen draper 34Pill lane17/24   
BarryNicholasLinen draper 28Corn market17/25   
BaylyPhilipLinen draper 66Dame street17/36   
BeggFrancisLinen draper 9Bridge streetY18/13   
Beggs and ArmstrongLinen draper 23N. Anne street18/14   
BlackJohnLinen draper 14Nicholas street19/9   
BoltonFrederickLinen draper 11Capel street19/25   
BullJohnLinen draper 34Chancery laneY21/37   
BurgessHenryLinen draper 90Pill lane21/41   
BurkeRichardLinen draper 134Capel street22/5   
BurneEdwardLinen draper 99Bride street22/8   
ByrneMatthewLinen draper 43Kevan street23/1   
CampsieRichardLinen draper 9Back lane23/33   
CarberyNicholasLinen draper 103Bride street23/39   
ClarkeEdwardLinen draper 12Werburgh street25/25   
ClarkePet. Ab.Linen draper Undertaker 29great Ship street25/37   
ConnollyEdwardLinen draper 34great Britain street27/15   
CottonCatharineLinen draper 3Palace street28/12   
DillonElinorLinen draper 98Bride street31/33   
DonnellanArthurLinen draper 19Werburgh street32/12   
DuffyJohnLinen draper 38Back lane33/22   
EdmundsonSam. and JoshuaLinen draper 45Bridge street34/10   
FarrellJamesLinen draper 1Linen hall street35/23   
FerrellElinorLinen draper Woollen draper 6Corn market36/1   
FinnCharlesLinen draper 34Pill lane36/16   
FisherThomasLinen draper 29Hawkins street36/22   
FoxallZachariahLinen draper 12Nicholas street38/8   
GaffneyWilliamLinen draper 37Back lane38/24   
GannonJohnLinen draper 27Corn market38/35   
GeogheganJamesLinen draper 7Bride street39/11   
GormanPeterLinen draper 13Nicholas street40/20   
GrahamAnneLinen draper 8Bridge street40/34   
GrahamJohnLinen draper 2Manor street40/39   
GreggWilliamLinen draper 22Corn market41/18   
HacketPat. PrendergastLinen draper 13Bridge street42/1   
HallwoodLauncelotLinen draper 8Bride street42/15   
HarpurCatharineLinen draper 59Dame street43/17   
HowisonTho. and HenryLinen draper Agents for the British Royal Ins. Co. from Fire 57Jervis street46/3   
HumphreysWalterLinen draper 31Corn market46/19   
HumphreysWilliamLinen draper 76Grafton street46/17   
KeinMaryLinen draper 13Bride street49/6   
KellyJohnLinen draper 66Back lane49/18   
KennanChristopherLinen draper 103Bride street49/36   
KennedyJohn GormnrLinen draper Parliament street50/2   
KennedyMaryLinen draper 26Corn market50/3   
KerJohnLinen draper 8St. Andrews street50/20   
LeeThomasLinen draper 57Pill lane52/34   
LeonardPhilipLinen draper 33Corn market53/1   
MaguireJohnLinen draper 123N. King street56/31   
MaherTimothyLinen draper 10Nicholas street56/34   
Mc. CabeJosephLinen draper 9Bride street54/17   
Mc. CormickHenryLinen draper 101Bride street54/31   
Mc. KeirnanCharlesLinen draper 22Corn market55/29   
Mc. KiernanOliverLinen draper 20Bridge street55/30   
McgrathBartholomewLinen draper 105Bride streetY56/28   
MiddletonRobertLinen draper 65Meath street58/26   
MinchinHumphreyLinen draper 100Bride street58/36   
MurphyArthurLinen draper 33Back lane60/25   
MurphyJohnLinen draper 33High street60/33   
NeillJosephLinen draper 134Capel street61/21   
NewportMatthewLinen draper 29Back lane61/30   
NicholsonThomasLinen draper 10Bride streetY61/37   
NicholsonWm.Linen draper 108Bride street61/38   
NugentElizabethLinen draper 3old Church street62/21   
O BrienHenryLinen draper 65Back lane62/32   
O NeilJohnLinen draper Haberdasher 36Aungier street63/9   
PenroseWilliamLinen draper 54High streetY64/30   
PlaceAlexanderLinen draper 2Essex bridgeY65/13   
PorterJohnLinen draper 8S. King street65/30   
RadfordBenjaminLinen draper 31Pill Lane66/26   
RadfordElizabethLinen draper 2Ushers quay66/27   
ReilyDanielLinen draper 7Bridge street67/22   
ReynoldsPeterLinen draper 46Fleet street67/41   
RikyJohnLinen draper 12Ross lane68/13   
RobeAlexanderLinen draper 2Bride street68/19   
RoleEdwardLinen draper 54Dame street69/2   
RoughleyThomasLinen draper 18Werburgh street69/14   
RourkeJohnLinen draper 1Bridge street69/17   
ShawThomasLinen draper 63Back lane71/16   
SherstoneSarah and Co.Linen draper 4Linen hall street71/37   
Simmons and RobinsonLinen draper 101Bride street72/5   
SmithBenjaminLinen draper 109Bride street72/24   
StackpoleJohnLinen draper 61Back lane73/18   
StaffordJamesLinen draper 61Back lane73/20   
StuartAlex.Linen draper 18N. King street74/16   
SweetmanAnneLinen draper 31Nicholas street74/35   
SwordsWalterLinen draper 19Kings Inn quay75/3   
TalbotJamesLinen draper 52Pill laneY75/7   
TannantEdwardLinen draper 22Pill lane75/28   
ThompsonWilliamLinen draper 11Castle street75/39   
TuiteTheobaldLinen draper 16Parliament street77/3   
VickersRobertLinen draper 11Bride street77/30   
WalshRobertLinen draper 102Bride street78/38   
WeldonMaryLinen draper 15Bride street79/34   
WhiteMatthewLinen draper 52Back lane80/16   
YeatesBenjaminLinen draper 15William streetY82/28   
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