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Search results for Occupation : Sales master
SurnameFirstname(s)OccupationNumberStreetCust. Hse. Ex.Page/Line
BradyOwenSales master 39Smithfield20/29   
BryanRichardSales master 14Smithfield21/32   
Colclough and BryanSales master 5Bow street26/25   
FarrellJohnSales master 10Smithfield35/25   
FerrallJamesSales master 6W. Arran streetY36/2   
FlemingMary and SonSales master 54Smithfield37/3   
LevyEdwardSales master 65Smithfield53/5   
Mc. NallyPeterSales master Bow street56/6   
MurphyJohnSales master 45Smithfield60/34   
O NeillJamesSales master 54Smithfield63/8   
PlunketRichardSales master 52SmithfieldY65/25   
ProudfootJamesSales master 11Smithfield66/7   
Reilly and GriersonSales master 25Smithfield67/17   
ReilyJamesSales master 17Brunswick street67/28   
RookeJohnSales master Grocer 1Smithfield69/4   
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