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SurnameFirstname(s)OccupationNumberStreetCust. Hse. Ex.Page/Line
BarberThomas and WilliamJoiner Upholder 64S. great Georges street16/38   
ButtertonAbrahamUpholder 27Marys abbey22/32   
CrowRobertUpholder 12Abbey street29/6   
DavisJohnUpholder Auctioneer 62S. great Georges street30/18   
DempseyLukeUpholder 32William street31/6   
DezoucheIsaacUpholder Auctioneer 8Digges street31/17   
DobsonHenryUpholder Auctioneer 80Capel street32/3   
DwyerPhilipUpholder 7Stafford street34/1   
EvattJohnUpholder Auctioneer 32Moore street35/6   
FinleyChristoperUpholder Cabinet maker 144Abbey street36/15   
GraceReevesUpholder 65Stephen street40/33   
GravesJosephUpholder 82Marlborough street41/4   
GreenFisherUpholder 1Strand street41/10   
HardySamuelCabinet maker Upholder 3Digges court43/7   
HawkinsTho.Upholder Cabinet maker 68S. great Georges street43/41   
Healy and GrantUpholder Cabinet maker 1Suffolk street44/6   
JacobPhilipUpholder 31great Britain street47/10   
JollandCharlesUpholder Cabinet maker 31Mary street48/1   
KichofferFrancisUpholder 26Denmark street51/5   
MarchPat.Upholder Auctioneer 33Brides alley57/17   
MathewJohnCabinet maker Upholder 2Coppingers lane57/36   
MayneRichardUpholder 7College street58/8   
MayneThomasUpholder 44Henry street58/9   
Mc. CreadyWilliamUpholder 66Bride street54/36   
MossJacobCabinet maker Upholder 22Grafton street60/11   
PasleyWilliamUpholder 24great Strand street64/18   
SmithRogerUpholder 4S. King street72/36   
WestBartholomewUpholder 13Moore street79/37   
WhistlerGab.Upholder Auctioneer 66S. great Georges street80/4   
WhiteEdwardUpholder 3Fownes street80/8   
WhitestoneThomasUpholder 35Dawson street80/32   
WilsonJamesUpholder 55Stephen street81/41   
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