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SurnameFirstname(s)OccupationNumberStreetCust. Hse. Ex.Page/Line
WhiteAnne and JosephGrocer 90Capel street80/5   
WhiteCharlesHardware seller 37Pill lane80/6   
WhiteChristopherBaker 18Cooke street80/7   
WhiteEdwardUpholder 3Fownes street80/8   
WhiteEdwardWool merchant upper Coombe80/9   
WhiteJohnCoach owner Undertaker 12Bolton street80/10   
WhiteJohnHatter 12Temple bar80/11   
WhiteJohnMerchant 106old Church roadY80/12   
WhiteJohnMerchant 16Bow streetY80/13   
WhiteJohnTanner Dolphins barnY80/14   
WhiteLukeBookseller 86Dame street80/15   
WhiteMatthewLinen draper 52Back lane80/16   
WhiteMichealGrocer 75old Church street80/17   
WhiteNathanielHardware merchant 38Pill lane80/18   
WhitePatrickTanner Dolphins barnY80/19   
WhiteRobertGrocer 106Pill laneY80/20   
WhiteThomasGrocer 82James gate80/21   
WhiteThomasGrocer Tobacconist 62Thomas streetY80/22   
WhiteThomasMerchant 79Fleet streetY80/23   
WhiteThomasSkinner 53Watling street80/24   
WhiteWalterMerchant 86Bride streetY80/25   
WhiteWilliamGrocer 30old Church street80/26   
WhiteWilliamGrocer Tobacconist 29Thomas street80/27   
WhiteWilliamMerchant 71Pill laneY80/28   
WhiteWilliamSilk manufacturer 6Nicholas street80/29   
WhiteWilliam and HenryBookseller 29Capel street80/33   
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