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SurnameFirstname(s)OccupationNumberStreetCust. Hse. Ex.Page/Line
WilsonBenjaminGoldsmith 36Skinners row81/38   
WilsonElizabethCamberick manufacturer 12Stephen street81/39   
WilsonGeorgeDruggist 88Bride street81/40   
WilsonJamesUpholder 55Stephen street81/41   
WilsonJn.Carpet manufacturer Chambre street81/42   
WilsonJn.Carpet manufacturer 9Ormond quay81/43   
WilsonJohnSheriffs peer Agent Receiver to the Blue coat hospital5Merrion street82/2   
WilsonJohnShoe maker 13Suffolk street82/1   
WilsonJohnTaylor 1Pembroke court82/3   
WilsonJoshua and BenjaminMerchant 48Golden lane82/4   
WilsonMosesCarpet manufacturer 7Ormond street82/5   
WilsonRichardIronmonger 21High streetY82/6   
WilsonRichardWax chandler 21Castle street82/7   
WilsonThomasGlover 58Cooke street82/8   
WilsonWm.Bookseller Stationer Sole agent for various medicinces6Dame street82/9   
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