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Street Listing : Anne-street N.
Virtual Street listing for Dublin city, from Wilson's Merchants and Traders Directory 1804, part of the Treble Almanac. Select an initial letter of the trade or occupation, and then select from the list to show details - Beta version (data test)

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Abbey-street Abbey-street low. Allens-court Allens-court, Mallinaback
Andersons-court Andrew-street Anglesea-street Anne-street
Anne-street E. Anne-street N.   Anne-street S. Anne-street W.
Ardee-row Ardee-street Arran-quay Arran-street
Arran-street E. Arran-street W. Ashe-street Astons-quay
Audoens-arch Aungier-street   

 HenshallJamesLinen-merchant; Office1N. Anne-street
 BerryJohn and WilliamMerchants1N. Anne-street
 GrehanJohnCarver & Guilder3N. Anne-street
 CorneThomasMerchant4N. Anne-streetCustom Hse. Reg.
 TaylorJamesMerchant6N. Anne-street
 Chambers, Todd and Co.Linen-factors7N. Anne-street
 HuntJosephYarn-merchant8N. Anne-street
 ChapmanSamuelLinen-draper12N. Anne-street
 HughesAnneHaberdasher17N. Anne-street
 TrenorPeterMerchant18N. Anne-streetCustom Hse. Reg.
 Mc. MahonMarkMerchant19N. Anne-streetCustom Hse. Reg.
 Teeling and MooreMerchants20N. Anne-street
 GardinerSamuelLinen-merchant21N. Anne-street
 RamsayAlex.Turkey-red-dyer & Cow-parlour22N. Anne-street (Office)
 CrombieWm.Merchant & Muslin-manufacturer22N. Anne-streetCustom Hse. Reg.
 Jones and EmersonCallanders24N. Anne-street
 Forbes and MulockMerchants24N. Anne-street
 Smith and PrenticeMerchants25N. Anne-streetCustom Hse. Reg.
 GalwayWilliam GambleMerchant26N. Anne-street
 LongFrancisMerchant27N. Anne-street
20 records