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Trades Listing : Agent
Virtual Trades and Occupations listing for Dublin city, from Wilson's Merchants and Traders Directory 1804, part of the Treble Almanac. Select an initial letter of the trade or occupation, and then select from the list to show details - Beta version (data test)

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Academy Accountant Advocate-general-office Agent  
Agent to the Mail-coach-office Agents to the London Fire Insurance Alderman Ale-brewer
Amber-table-beer-brewer Anchor-smith Apothecary Architect
Army-accoutrement-maker Army-agent Army-broker Army-clothier
Army-prize-agent Army-sadler Artist Artist-warehouse
Attendant-magist. on his Ex. the Lord Lieut. Auctioneer   

 CroneRichardCotton-manufacturer & Agent12S. Anne-street
 DickinsonWilliamMerchant & Agent162Thomas-street
 FoxMichaelAgentn/rDublin-Castle (Treasury-office)
 HiginbothamAndrewAgentn/rDublin-Castle and 63 Dorset-street
 HiginbothamThomasAgentn/rDublin-Castle and 5 up. Gardiner-street
 HodgaonPeter J.Agent6Buckingham-street
 Mc. AlpineConyngham & Co.Agents79Marlboro-street
 Mc. CannRossAgent24Camden-street
 StanleyEdwardAgent121W. Stephen's-green
 TaylorEdwardAgent16S. Merion-square
 TurnerWilliamAgentn/rOrdnance-office Castle-yard
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