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Surname Listing
Surname listing for Dublin city, from Wilson's Merchants and Traders Directory 1804, part of the Treble Almanac. Select an initial letter of the surname, and then select from the list to show details - Beta version (data test)

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Abbot Abbott Acheson Adair Adams
Adamson Adrien Affleck Alder Alexander
Alker Allard Allen Alley Alloway
Allpress Anderson Andoe Andrews Angell
Angier Annesley Antisell Appleby Archbold
Archer Arkwright Armit Armstrong Arnold
Arthur Ashley Ashmore Ashworth Asken
Atkin Atkinson Attwood Atwell Austin
Ayckbowm Aylward   Ayre   

 AylwardPat.Grocer & Tobacconist74Queen-street
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