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Surname Listing
Surname listing for Dublin city, from Wilson's Merchants and Traders Directory 1804, part of the Treble Almanac. Select an initial letter of the surname, and then select from the list to show details - Beta version (data test)

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Mack Macken Mackenzie Mackey Maclune
Madden Madder Maddock Maffit Magarr
Magauran Magee Magennis Magill Magin
Magrath Maguire Maher Mahon Mailey
Malet Maley Mallen Malone Malowney
Manager Mance Manders Manley Manning
Mansergh Mansfield Manwaring Maquay Marders
Marks Marmion Marnock Marshal Martin
Martindale Mason Masterson Mathers Mathew.on
Mathews Maturin Maxwell May Maybury
Mayfield Mayne Maziere Mc, Leland Mc. Allister
Mc. Alpine Mc. Ardell Mc. Arthur Mc. Auley Mc. Bride
Mc. Brin Mc. Cabe Mc. Calley Mc. Can Mc. Cann
Mc. Cartney Mc. Carty Mc. Caul Mc. Causland Mc. Clean
Mc. Cleery Mc. Cleland Mc. Closkey Mc. Com Mc. Comas
Mc. Connell Mc. Cormick Mc. Cracken Mc. Cready Mc. Creery
Mc. Cullogh Mc. Dermott Mc. Donald Mc. Donnell Mc. Donogh
Mc. Ellroy Mc. Enery Mc. Evoy Mc. Garry Mc. Ghie
Mc. Gill Mc. Grath Mc. Gregor Mc. Guire Mc. Hugh
Mc. Ilwain Mc. Ilwrath Mc. Keevers Mc. Kenny Mc. Kenzie
Mc. Keon Mc. Key Mc. Kiernan Mc. Kown Mc. Lachlan
Mc. Laine Mc. Laughlin Mc. Loghlin Mc. Lorinan Mc. Loughlin
Mc. Mahon Mc. Manus Mc. Miley Mc. Mullen Mc. Nally
Mc. Owen Mc. Pherson Mc. Quillen Mc. Sorley McAlpine
McCalls McDonnell McMahon Meade Medcalf
Medlicott Meehan Meekings Meighan Melvill
Mercier Meredith Mergan Merle Merrit
Merryman Metcalf Meyler Middleton Middlewood
Might Miller Millikin Milling Millington
Millner Mills Milward Minchin Minnet
Miot Missett Mitchell Mitcheltree Molineaux
Mollan Moller Molloy Monks Montgomery
Mooney Moore Moran Morgan Morison
Morley Morphey Morris Morrison Morron
Morton Moses Mosley Moss Mosse
Mossop Moulds Moxley Muldoon Muley
Mulhall Mullanphy Mullay Mullen Mulligan
Mulls Mulock Mulvany Mulvey Murphy
Murray Musprat Mussen Myers Myler

 Mc. HughWilliam and Co.Merchants25gt. Strand-streetCustom Hse. Reg.
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