Browse GRO Ireland BMD Images

Sharing a tool I use to browse images of the Civil Birth, Marriage and Death registers on the IrishGenealogy website. The tool adds a selection of next / previous links to make it easier to move backwards and forwards through the images without having to manually edit the URL. This can be useful to help locate mis-indexed entries, or records with missing index entries

see BMD Image Browse (

To use, first locate a record for the district and date range of interest using the IrishGenealogy website in the usual way, and open the register image. Copy the full URL from the address bar. (ensure this starts with the https and ends with .pdf) :

Open the BMD Image Browse Tool, paste in the copied URL, and click the submit button.

The Next and Previous buttons move one page forward or backward through the register images. Also available are +-5, +-10 and +-50 links which skip backward or forward in larger steps.

To start a new search, click the [reset] link to the top right.
If the captcha screen is displayed instead of a register image, select the appropriate images and enter your name as usual and the register image will display.

The full references with page numbers are available on the FamilySearch version of the BMD Index. These are also available on FindMyPast and Ancestry.

The tool was primarily developed for Chrome and also tested on FireFox, and on Safari on iPad, but should also function on other modern browsers.

Note : the browse function adds and subtracts from the image number, so does not account for entries with multiple images – e.g.those with 1 2 3 links (These use a letter suffix on the image filename – e.g. 5864623.pdf , 5864623a.pdf , 5864623b.pdf etc)

Edited : see also the revised 1901-1911 Census image browse tool and the new Tithe Applotment Image Browse (updated Jan. 2018).

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