Thom’s Directory – Part 1 – Introduction and INDEX

Part 1 – Introduction and INDEX

Title Page

The 1865 edition has just over 1,800 pages plus advertisements etc, the first part of the directory contains the the Title pages, general index, which consists of just over 33 page and details the many section and sub-sections included, followed by 58 pages of various tables and lists.

Extract from the general Index

The following sections covering contain various tables detailing Religious  Feast Days, Law and University Terms, Astronomical details, Tides, Eclipses, Sunrise/Sunset times, Land Measure Conversion (Statute acre to Irish), Simple Interest, Market Towns and Fairs, Inland Fisheries, Stamp Duties and a list General Statues passed by Parliament during 27th and 28th Years of Queen Victoria – see some examples below, plus a full transcript of the section on Market Days and 1861 population of towns :

Feast Days, Seasons, Law Terms &c

Table of Simple Interest

Market Towns and market days in Ireland

This section has been transcribed – see Market Towns in Ireland – 1865

List of Fairs in each county

Inland Fisheries – districts and season dates

UK Customs Tariffs

Extract from the section on Stamp Duties

Index to the Statutes 1864

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