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Selection of Milestones and boundary markers located in South County Dublin and Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown. Many thanks to Geoffrey Keating and Colm Moore for their assistance with a number of these.

Many of the original Milestones and other Stone Markers have been lost due to redevelopment, road widening etc., but some have survived. The bulk of the milestones date from the establishment of the postal service in the 19th century, but some are much older. Many of the Boundary Stones and Milestones are shown on the larger scale 25 inch historic O.S.I. maps, indicated - B.S./B.M. = Boundary Stone/Marker, M.S. Mile Stone.

Green (MS) - Milestone/Mile Markers   Blue (BM) - Dublin County/Borough markers   Red (RT) - Rathmines Township markers Orange (WM) - Dublin Ward Markers

The original point of reference (datum point) used to survey Ireland was at the Poolbeg Lighthouse on the south Bull Wall Dublin. Additional survey marks/bench marks can be seen all over Ireland, these are often form of the "crows foot" engraved into mile stones, buildings and bridges.

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