My collection of digitized historic maps for Ireland and Dublin viewable in Google map format, and other Irish Family History resources, including a revised and improved townland database, scans and extracts from a number of directories, a database of Catholic and Church of Ireland parishes as they were during the mid 1830s, Catholic and civil parish links for over 1,000 parishes, and map coordinates to over to 2,000 churches and chapels etc. All free to access....

I can do lookups of various Dublin directories, including Thom's from 1848 onward, Pettigrew & Oulton, Treble Almanac/Wilson's directory etc , finding locations in Dublin city address and directions or coordinates to townlands and old Churches etc. contact me me with the details of your request - I'm on twitter @shanew147  ,   Mastodon    or contacted by email (see below).

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  25 July 2023

Catholic Parishes and Chapels in Dublin city – 1818  

Extract from “History of the City of Dublin from the earliest accounts to the present time” by the late J. Warburton (Deputy keeper of records in Birmingham tower)the late Rev. J. Whitelaw M.R.I.A., vicar of St. Catherine’sand the Rev. Robert … Continue reading

  29 March 2023

Missing Streets and Townlands 1901 census  

Following on from a recent search for the 1901 census returns for Baldoyle county Dublin on the National Archives of Ireland website, and eventually tracing these on microfilms on the FamilySearch website. The films include not only Baldoyle town but … Continue reading

  27 March 2023

1901 Census of Ireland – missing Baldoyle  

A number of locations are missing from the 1901 Census of Ireland on The National Archives of Ireland website – for a variety of reasons. Some seem to have missed filming so were not available for digitation, some were damaged … Continue reading

  7 December 2022

Duplicate Place names, Detached Parishes and Half Baronies  

(published March 2015, updated December 2022) There are a number of complications to finding exactly where a particular place of interest is located, even when the name is known. The first is often the spelling which can vary greatly depending … Continue reading

  20 January 2022

Revised notes on ITM coordinates to view old Churches etc  

Updated the instructions for locating old churches and chapels on Historic maps using ITM coordinates on OSI/GeoHive See : Using Coordinates on GeoHive/OSI

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