My collection of digitized historic maps for Ireland and Dublin viewable in Google map format, and other Irish Family History resources, including a revised and improved townland database, scans and extracts from a number of directories, a database of Catholic and Church of Ireland parishes as they were during the mid 1830s, Catholic and civil parish links for over 1,000 parishes, and map coordinates to over to 2,000 churches and chapels etc. All free to access....

I can do lookups of various Dublin directories, including Thom's from 1848 onward, Pettigrew & Oulton, Treble Almanac/Wilson's directory etc , finding locations in Dublin city address and directions or coordinates to townlands and old Churches etc. contact me me with the details of your request - I'm on twitter @shanew147 or contacted by email (see below).

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  13 September 2021

New Map – Dublin City and Environs 1880  

New map added to website,  Dublin City and Environs Map 1880 from Thom’s Directory. Original is a large map – size : 72cm  x 82cm (~ 28″ x 32″) The maps covers Dublin city and parts of south and north county … Continue reading

  8 September 2021

New King’s County Map c1840  

New addition to website large King’s County (County Offaly) Map 96cm x 65 cm (~38 inches x 25 inches) with fabric backing. Civil parish boundaries shown in red. See Ireland Maps section – King’s County Index Map c1840  

  26 August 2021

Irishtown County Dublin – 1880  

Village of Irishtown South East Co. Dublin map and street listing from Thom’s 1880 Directory Click for larger versions of the images

  16 April 2021

How do they do it ? – Scanning Maps  

Process used to scan a Historic Map and make available in a browsable format online. The map used in this example is a large ~ 78 x 82cm (30.5″ x 32″) map of Dublin City and Environs from Thom’s Directory … Continue reading

  1 April 2021

Introduction ‘Guide to the County of Wicklow’ Rev. G.N. Wright 1822  

by the Rev G.N. Wright, illustrated after the designs of George Petrie esq., printed for Baldwin, Cradock & Joy, Pasternoster Row, London 1822 see page images and index to contents below – and also the map from this guide The county … Continue reading

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