A collection of digitized maps of Dublin and Ireland, viewable in Google map format, a revised and improved townland database, scans and extracts from a number of directories, a database of Catholic parishes as they were during the mid 1830s, Catholic and civil parish links for over 1,000 parishes, and map coordinates to over to 2,000 churches and chapels. All free to access....

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I can do lookups of various Dublin directories, mainly Thoms from 1848 onward. Post your lookup request either as a reply to the Dublin Directories lookup thread on the Genealogy Section of Boards.ie, or post a new thread on that board with Dublin Directory lookup in the subject, or post a brief message to twitter @shanew147
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Latest articles and updates...

  24 August 2018

Historic Catholic Church and Chapel Maps  

As a work-around for recent removal of OSI Historic Map viewer, I’ve made a few changes to the Catholic Parish link system – hopefully temporary until a better solution can be found. 1. Find the parish of interest using the … Continue reading

  23 April 2018

Misclassified Locations in online Tithe records  

The Tithe Applotment record images available online on the National Archives of Ireland website, along with corresponding transcripts, have been a great addition to the resources available to those researching online – and also save a trip into Dublin city … Continue reading

  30 January 2018

Tithe Applotment Records – Bray Civil Parish, Co. Wicklow  

The Tithe Applotment Records for Bray Civil Parish, Co. Wicklow do not appear to have been categorised correctly on the National Archives website system. Some records appear under other parishes – e.g. entries for parts of Bray town, Great Bray, … Continue reading

  4 December 2017

Browse 1901-1911 Census Images  

I’ve updated the Census Image browse tool using some elements of the code used for the recent BMD image tool. To use – navigate to a starting page on the Census Returns using the usual search or browse, and select … Continue reading

  23 November 2017

Browse GRO Ireland BMD Images  

Sharing a tool I use to browse images of the Civil Birth, Marriage and Death registers on the IrishGenealogy website. The tool adds a selection of next / previous links to make it easier to move backwards and forwards through … Continue reading

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