Map of Grafton Street as it was in 1848 in Google map format, showing locations of shops, business, along with a few residental occupants. Also included is a transcribed street listing in table format. These were created from a combination of the Thom's Directory street listing published that year and several maps of the area.

Grafton Street 1848 Map

1848 Street Listing Transcript
Grafton Street, in Dublin's South City runs south from the College Green and Trinity College to the north west corner of Stephen's Green. The street was named by statute in 1708 after Henry Fitzroy the First Duke of Grafton (1663 to 1690), the second illegitimate son of King Charles the 2nd.

In the 18th century Grafton street began as a residential address populated mainly by Dublin's more affluent citizens but by the early 1800s most of the buildings had been converted to shops and businesses. By the end of the 1800s the street had become the top business street in the city and included up-market shops selling items such as clothing and fashion, jewellery, watches and clocks, high quality food and wine. The street was pedestrianised in the late 1970s and repaved, and is still a busy Dublin shopping area, with buskers and street artists.

Some of the building sizes on the map are estimated, and longer names and addresses have been edited due to lack of available space on the map. The full transcripts are included in the directory listings for the street. | Sources : Thom's Directory 1848,  Dublin Street Names C.T. Rev. McCready,,   Encyclopedia Britannica.