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The Catholic Parish / Civil Parish / Church Mapping cross-reference data was compiled using Lewis Topographical Directory of 1837 and the Catholic Directory of 1838 as primary reference sources and matching Catholic Parishes listed in these to Civil Parishes on the 1851 Townland Database, along with the 1848 Catholic Parish directory listing (see here) and 1st Edition OSI Maps c1837-1842. Four options are available for searching this data on this page and in addition see the new search for RC parishes near selected towns.
  • Search by Civil Parish. This option allows selection of a County, Barony (optional) and Civil parish, and uses this data to check if this Civil Parish has been cross-linked to one or more Catholic Parishes. A link provides further details of the Catholic Parish (see next option). Unlinked Civil parishes include a list of nearby R.C. chapels and parishes based on map coordinates, and a link to the maps search option.

  • Search by RC parish. This option allow selection of a Catholic Diocese and Parish, and shows linked civil parish data and details of chapels noted, alternate names for the parish, post town etc., along with a map showing locations on a map of Churches and Chapels associated with the parish. Links are also provided to show the locations of the churches on the Historic OSI maps, and on current Google maps. A list of nearby R.C. Parishes is also included.

  • Extended Parish Search. This search accepts one or more keywords, and searches multiple fields on all linked parishes for potential matches. Fields checked include Catholic Parish Name, and any alternate names, Post Town, Chapel details, Parish Notes, names of linked Civil parishes and names and notes for any mapped churches. The search allows several keywords, with at least three characters required, and all of which must be included to result in a match. The search also checks for matches to the parish names used on NLI Films, and where the search term is numeric and 4 digits, the NLI Film reference numbers.

  • Find nearest Churches and Parish based on selecting a location. This option allow selection of a location on a map in Google format, which scans the parish link data for the nearest churches. The churches located are matched to their parishes, and results shown as colour coded markers on a map.See R.C. Church & Parishes Map Search
For details of counties covered by each Diocese and Sources used see here.

Notes : spelling varies a great deal in all the place names used, particularly in Lewis, and there were also some changes in land divisions after Lewis' Directory was published - e.g. some Baronies combined and some civil parishes also appear to have had minor border changes over this timeframe. A number of chapels appear at slightly different locations than Lewis suggests, but generally very close by. Some of these may be minor errors in defining the location, or for churches that were in the late planning stage at time of his surveying.