Locations : G.P.O. Stephens Green City Hall Henry and James Evening Mail Upper Castle Yard
Synott House Nicholas Str. Graveyard Imperial Hotel Four Courts Bolands Mills Metropole Hotel
General Post Office
James Connolly, Commandant-General, Dublin Division, Irish Republican Forces (executed)
Louis Byrne (boy)
Walter Carpenter (O/C Boy‘s Corp)
Patrick Carroll (boy)
Joseph Connolly (also served in Stephen"s Green)
Roderick Connolly (boy)
Andrew Conroy (also served at Hopkins & Hopkins - wounded)
Lawrence Corbally (boy)
Richard Corbally
Daniel Courtney (also served at Annesley Bridge)
Pater Higgins
Robert Killeen (also served in Magazine Fort. This man states that two other men were sent to the Fort - names unknown)
George King
James McCormack (Killed in Action)
Joseph McDonagh
Seamus McGowan (Sergeany and Assistant Q.M.G.)
Dan McMahon
John Moore (also served in Imperial Hotel)
Andrew Mulligan
Michael Nolan
Fred Norgrove
James O'Neill (Commandant after 1916. Appointed Q.M. I.C.A. on Easter Sunday; in effect the post was Q.M.G.)
John O‘Neill
Patrick O‘Neill (boy)
Joe O‘Reilly
Vincent Poole (also served at Annesley Bridge)
William Toole
Michael Wade
Jack White
Patrick Williams

The following were sent to the City Hall from the G.P.O. as reinforcements at 6 o"clock on Monday evening

Louis Byrne (killed in action) Denis Farrell
Michael Lambert
George Norgrove
John Nolan
John Poole
Micahel Sexton
Tom Walsh


Winifred Carney
St. Stephen's Green Garrison
John Adams (Killed in action)
P. Bermingham
John Bannon
Luke Bradley
D. Byrne
J. Byrne
J. Byrne
Joseph Byrne
T. Bryan
E. Burke
Matt. Burke
P. Buttner (boy)
George Campbell
Henry Cassidy
M. Carroll
C. Carruthers (boy)
P. Chaney
W. Chaney
M. Charleton
Jno. Conroy
P. Coates
James Corcoran (Killed in action)
Owen Carto
Bernard Courtney
Philip Clarke (Killed in action)
Barney Craven
P. Cullen
Henry Daniels
M. Donnelly
R. De Coeur
Jos. Doyle (Seargeant)
Jos. Doyle
Joseph Duffy
Andy Dunne
Chris. Dynan
Jas. Dwyer
M. Dwyer
M. Foy
James Fox (Killed in action)
George Fullerton
T. Gleeson
W. Gleeson
Jas. Gough
M. Hand
F. Henry
F. Henry
Jno. J. Hendrick
Jas. Hyland
P. Jackson (Lieutenant)
Jas. Joyce
E. Joyce
  Hugh Kelly
Jas. Kelly
Jas. Kelly (Sergeant)
Jno. Kelly
M. Kelly (Lieutenant)
F. Kelly
W. Kelly
Joseph Keeley (boy)
E. Keogh
Jas. Keogh
M. King
Phil Lacey (Wounded)
P. Lawlor
Jas Little
Jas. Maguire
Jno. Maher
John Mahon
Michael Mallin (Commandant. Executed)
Edward Mannering
Louis Marie
F. Murphy
Jno. Murphy
Patrick Murphy
R. McCormack (Captain)
Patrick McDonnell
Patrick McNamara
Jas. Nelson
Jno. O‘Connor
James O‘Doherty (Wounded)
T. O‘Donohoe (Sergeant)
John O‘Neill (Captain)
Pat O‘Reilly
Jas. O‘Shea
R. O‘Shea
James O‘Sullivan (Wounded)
William P. Partridge (Captain)
C. Poole (Captain)
Pat. Poole
Jas Quiqley
Frank Robbins (Sergeant)
Seán Rogan
Fred Ryan (Killed in action)
W. Scott (Injured)
Tom Scully
Pat. Seery (boy)
Martin Shannon
Tom Shields
Jas. Smith
E. Tuke
Jno Whelan


Mrs Allen (Mary Deveraux)
Mrs. Donnolly (Nellie Gifford)
Mrs. Dunne (Margaret Ryan)
Bridget Gough
Madeleine ffrench-Mullen (Sergeant)
Rosie Hackett
Mrs. Joyce
Mrs. Keely (Chris Caffrey)
  Mrs. Annie Kelly
Mrs. Kelly (Mary Hyland)
Constance Markievicz (Lieutenant. 2nd in Command)
Lily Kempson
Mrs Norgrove
Mrs. Redmond (Kathleen Seery)
Margaret Skinnider (Wounded in action)
City Hall
Seán Connolly (Captain. Commanding Officer, Killed in action)
Matt. Connolly
Thomas Coyle (Wounder)
George Geoghegan (Killed in action)
James Dwyer
John Findlay
William Halpin
Thomas Nelson
Seán O‘Reilly (Killed in action)
John O‘Reilly


Mrs Barrett (Connolly)
Bridget Brady
Mrs. Corcoran (Mollie O'Reilly)
Mrs. Duffy (Bridget Davis)
Mrs. Grange (Annie Norgrove)
Mrs. Hanratty (Emily Norgrove)
Mrs. Kelly (Bessie Lynch)
Dr. Kathleen Lynn (Chief Medical Officer I.C.A.)
Helena Molony
Jannie Shanahn

Henry and James
John Byrne (Also served in G.P.O.)
Eddie Connolly
Charlie Darcy (boy. Killed in action)
James Donnolly
Elliot Ellems (Also served in G.P.O)
William Halpin (Also served in City Hall)
Sam King (Also served in Imperial Hotel)
Evening Mail Offices
Frank Fitzpatrick
Martin Kelly
Arthur King
James McDonnell
Guardroom, Upper Castle Yard
Christy Brady
George Connolly
Thomas Daly
Thomas Kane
Philip O‘Leary
James Seery
Synod House
Patrick Byrne
Thomas Healy
John O"Keeffe
Nicholas Street Graveyard
Michael Delaney
William Oman
Patrick Williams
Imperial Hotel
Patrick Devereux
Michael Finnigen
George Oman
Andrew Redmond (also served at Annesley Bridge)
John Redmond
Charlie Smith
Patrick Touhy

Mrs. Murphy (Martha Walsh)
Four Courts
James Bird
Boland's Mill
John Purfield (Wounded)
Metropole Hotel
Joseph Whelan (Also served at Annesley Bridge)
Peter Carpenter (Also served at Annesley Bridge)