Dublin Map Index 1935   
   (with map references)
To establish the location of a City or Suburb street on the 1935 Dublin map.

Dublin City Street Index 1783  
   (with map references)
To establish the location of a City street on the 1783 map, and show it's assocated major street.

To establish the approximate location of a minor City street in the index listing below follow back through the connected streets using the index to a major street.

Dublin City Street Index 1824 (Piggot)
Dublin City Street Index 1834 (Pettigrew & Oulton)
Dublin City Street Index 1879 (Thom's)
Co. Dublin Street Index 1879 (Thom's)
Dublin City Street Index 1904 (Thom's)
Co. Dublin Street Index 1904 (Thom's)

Example 1 :  Back Lane is listed as being off Nicholas Street, and Nicholas Street is listed off High Street. Back Lane runs between these two streets.
Example 2 :  Engine Alley is off Meath Street, and Emorville Avenue, Square and Terrace are off the South Circular Road (S.C.R.)
Example 3 :  Shows three separate Johnson's Court, one off Basin Lane, the second off Great Britain Street, and the third (Johnson's Court East), off Grafton St.