Dublin Map Index 1935   
   (with map references)
To establish the location of a City or Suburb street on the 1935 Dublin map.

Dublin City Street Index 1783  
   (with map references)
To establish the location of a City street on the 1783 map, and show it's assocated major street.

To establish the approximate location of a minor City street in the index listing below follow back through the connected streets using the index to a major street.

Dublin City Street Index 1824 (Piggot)
Dublin City Street Index 1879 (Thom's)
Co. Dublin Street Index 1879 (Thom's)
Dublin City Street Index 1904 (Thom's)
Co. Dublin Street Index 1904 (Thom's)

Example 1 :  Back Lane is listed as being off Nicholas Street, and Nicholas Street is listed off High Street. Back Lane runs between these two streets.
Example 2 :  Engine Alley is off Meath Street, and Emorville Avenue, Square and Terrace are off the South Circular Road (S.C.R.)
Example 3 :  Shows three separate Johnson's Court, one off Basin Lane, the second off Great Britain Street, and the third (Johnson's Court East), off Grafton St.