1610 Map of Ireland by John Speed 
1610 Map of Leinster by John Speed   (with detail of Dublin City)
1610 Map of Munster by John Speed   (with detail of Limerick and Cork cities)
1610 Map of Connaugh by John Speed   (with detail of Galway City)
1610 Map of Ulster by John Speed 
1695 Map of Ireland by Robt. Morden 
c1701 Map of Ireland   (Moll)
1748 Vaugondy map of Ireland & Gt. Britain 
1777 Taylor and Skinners "New & Accurate Map of the Kingdom of Ireland"   (from Maps of the Roads of Ireland)
Grand Canal Map 1779 by Thomas Bowen   May 1779 Editon of the Gentleman's Magazine, London  (thanks to Donal Daly for the scans)
1803 Map of Ireland   (J.H. Fleming)
1822 map of Co. Wicklow    from Guide to Co. Wicklow by Rev. G.N. Wright, after the designs of George Petrie Esq.
1827 map of Leinster (partial)
1838 SDUK map of Ireland  (Society for Diffusion of Useful Knowledge - eng. by J. &. C. Walker, reprinted by Chapman & Hall, London 1844)
Scans of this 1838 map - two seperate sheets joined covering North & South   Ireland 1838 SDUK 
  *New*  King's County Index Map - c1840  
Co. Wicklow 1851 (partial)
Map of Ireland c1867 (Blackie / Weller)
Belfast City 1884 (Black's Guide)
Cork City 1884 (Black's Guide)
Limerick City 1884 (Black's Guide)
1897 Map of Ireland   (Matthews-Northrup Co., Buffalo N.Y.)
Samples of the maps