Extracts from Irish Provincial Directory of 1788, by Richard Lucas
Arklow   Bray   Wicklow town  
Richard Brown, Sadler
Edward Byrne, Dealer In Spirits
James Carney, Boot and Shoe Maker
James Cavanagh, Boot and Shoe Maker
William Clinch, Cheesemonger
John Crook, Apothecary
Andrew Doran, Merchant
John Dorsey, Shipwright
Joseph Fairbrother, Nailer and Ironmonger
James Farrell, Builder and Carpenter
John Gilbert, Grocer and Spirit Dealer
Richard Goodall Apothecary
Richard Graham, Malster
James Grant, Grocer and Spirit Dealer
George Heaney, Baker
Ashley Hunt, Grocer and Liquor Dealer
George Johnson, Carpenter and Builder
Daniel Lee, Boat Owner

  Richard Manly, Grocer and Tobacco Manufacturer
John Monck, Linen Draper
Catherine Murphy, Tallow Chandler
James O'Brien, Inn Keeper
Miles O'Neil, Merchant
George Percwal, Distiller and Post Master
William Philpot, Boat Owner
Thomas Redmond, Sadler
Thomas Rogers, Sadler
William Rudd, Vintner, Carysfort Arms Inn
Joseph Sherrard, Lime Manufacturer
George Smith, Grocer and Liquor Dealer
Paul Smirls, Boot and Shoemaker
Thomas Tindall, Liquor Dealer
Roger West, Guager Of Excise
Roger Woodrooffe, Soap Boiler and Chandler
William Brown, Coast Surveyor Of The Customs
Robert Brown, Soap Boiler and Chandler
Bridget Byrne, Linen Draper
James Connor, Grocer and Liquor Dealer
Bryan Connoly, Baker and Corn Dealer
Andrew Cranston, M.D. and Man Midwife
Simon Christie, Grocer, Wine and Spirit Merchant
John Delany, Baker and Corn Dealer
Bryan Doran, Taylor and Habit Maker
John Edwards, Woollen Manufacturer, Old Court
Henry Hughes, Ship Owner
Joseph Martin, Brewer
John Mc Ardle, Slater
  Constantine Matthews, Distiller and Ship Owner
James Moore, Surgeon and Apothecary
John Nailer, Corn Dealer and Miller
Daniel Nailer, Corn Dealer and Miller, Mullin Ramson
William Pike, Boot and Shoe Maker
William Quin, Vintner, Meath Arms Inn
George Seymour, Glazier and Brewer
Thomas Sharkey, Lime Manufacturer
Thomas Southern, Lime Manufacturer
William Tobin, Boot and Shoe Maker
Tobias Toole, Coal, Slate, Timber Merchant, and Ship Owner
John Warren, Vintner, Mount Cashel Arms Inn

Wicklow town
Mary Ashton, Grocer, Linen and Woollen Draper
Edward Bury, Tobacconist and Grocer
Samuel Bury, Merchant
Thomas Byrne, Carpenter and Builder
Lucy Byrne, Tobacconist
John Carr, Boot and Shoemaker
Casey and Madden, Felt Manufacturers and Merchants
Andrew Christian, Saddler
Samuel Clifford, Gauger Of Excise
Eaton Cotter, Malster and Builder
Mrs. Cotter, Tanner
David Elliot, Weigh Malster
William Goodison, Apothecary
J. Goodison, Linen Draper and Haberdasher
John Halbert, Currier
James Balbert, Currier and Leather Cutter
John Haughton, Apothecary
John Lacy, Grocer and Spirit Merchant
Angus McDonald, Grocer, Linen and Woollen Draper
Biker McDonald, M.D
Margaret McDonald, Grocer
Eugene McKenna, Boarding-School For Young Gentlemen
William Madden, Soap Boiler and Chandler
Nicholas Morrison, Barrister At Law
Samuel Peisley, M.D
Elizabeth Pennell, Grocer and Liquor Dealer
James Perrins, Grocer and Liquor Dealer
Thomas Ryder, Liquor Dealer and Perukemaker
John Rogers, Vintner, Green-Tree-Inn
George David Ronan, Merchant
William West, Surgeon
Soloman Williams, Merchant and Postmaster

Officers Of The Custom and Excise
  Charles Tottenham, Esq. Collector.
  M. A. Tisdall, Esq. Coast Surveyor
  Hugh Bowen, Esq. Port Surveyor and Land Waiter.
  William Parvisol, Surveyor Of Excise