Images from the Ecclesiastical Directory for Ireland from Thom's Directory of 1848
See also the Roman Catholic Directory for 1848

 Established Church of Ireland 

Diocese of Armagh
2  Diocese of Armagh [cont.]
3  Diocese of Clogher
4  Diocese of Clogher [cont.], Diocese of Meath
5  Diocese of Meath [cont.], Diocese of Derry and Raphoe
6  Diocese of Derry and Raphoe [cont.]
7  Diocese of Derry and Raphoe [cont.], Diocese of Down
8  Diocese of Down [cont.], Diocese of Connor
9  Diocese of Connor [cont.], Diocese of Dromore
10  Diocese of Dromore [cont.], Diocese of Kilmore
11  Diocese of Kilmore [cont.] Diocese of Elphin
12  Diocese of Elphin [cont.], Diocese of Ardagh, Diocese of Tuam
13  Diocese of Tuam [cont.], Diocese of Killala
14  Diocese of Killala [cont.], Diocese of Achonry, Diocese of Dublin
   (United Diocese of Dublin, Glendelagh and Kildare)
15  Diocese of Dublin [cont.]
16  Diocese of Dublin [cont.], County Dublin benefices
17  Diocese of Dublin, County Dublin benefices [cont.], Diocese of Kildare
18  Diocese of Kildare [cont.] , Diocese of Ossory
19  Diocese of Ossory [cont.], Diocese of Ferns
20  Diocese of Fern [cont.], Diocese of Leighlin
21  Diocese of Leighlin [cont.], Diocese of Cashel
22  Diocese of Cashel [cont.], Diocese of Emly, Diocese of Waterford
23  Diocese of Waterford [cont.], Diocese of Lismore
24  Diocese of Lismore [cont.], Diocese of Cork
25  Diocese of Cork [cont.], Diocese of Cloyne
26  Diocese of Cloyne [cont.]
27  Diocese of Ross, Diocese of Killaloe
28  Diocese of Killaloe [cont.], Diocese of Kilfenora, Diocese of Clonfert
29  Diocese of Kilmacduagh, Diocese of Limerick
30  Diocese of Limerick [cont.], Dioceses of Ardfert and Aghadoe
31  Dioceses of Ardfert and Aghadoe, Index to Clergy (A - Chi)
32  Index to Clergy (Chi-Gre)
33  Index to Clergy (Gre-McC)
34  Index to Clergy (McC-Ryn)
35  Index to Clergy (Sad-You)
 Presbyterian Church 

General Assembly, Presbyteries
37     Congregations and Ministers [cont.]
38     Congregations and Ministers [cont.]
39     Congregations and Ministers [cont.]
40  Presbyterian bodies etc. [cont.], Index to Ministers
41  Index to Ministers [cont.],
42  Index to Ministers [cont.]
43  Index to Ministers [cont.]
 The Methodist Church / Baptist Church 

Methodist districts and churches
45  Alphabetical list of Wesleyan Methodist Ministers, Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Society
46  Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Society [cont.], Index of Primitive Wesleyan Methodist Preachers, Baptist Churches