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Database just over 1,000 links to Historic Directories of Ireland, available on free and subscription websites, and also includes directories for purchase on CD or download. Sources charging for access, or items for purchase are indicated with a $. Details shown include directory date, title and a direct link to relevant website. Online directories may be available as transcripts, ebooks (pdf, FlipBook etc), images or searchable databases.

To start a search, enter one or more keywords, or parts or words, in the search text and click the search button above, or select one of the county or date dropdown filters. Searches can include any combination of key words, county or dates.

Historic Directories can be useful sources for Family and Local history research, and whilst not listing all people or locations, often include details of various institutions, officials, professions, clergy and certain trades, as well as historical or geographic details of various towns and cities. Directories which cover cities and larger towns, may also include street listings.

Note : Some directory links have access restricted to certain parts of the world due to copyright reasons. These are indicated with the following icon :   (Hover over the icons for further details)