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    West Side       East Side
119   J. Madden, & Co., tobacconist and 5 George's-street, up. Kingstown        
118   Vacant        
117   Philip Edward Bayly & Co., woollen drapers, clothiers, and agents for Macintosh and Co.'s London India rubber goods        
116   Edward Ponsonby, printer, bookseller, and stationer        
     Mortimer and Taylor, solicitor        
     Michael Mortimer, solicitor        
     John Taylor, solicitor        
115   Grant and Bolton, booksellers, publishers, stationers, and stamp sellers        
     J. Bradshaw, dentist        
114   Royal Irish Academy, Rev. W. H. Drummond, D.D. librarian; Ewd. Clibborn, esq. assist. Librarian        
113   Vacant   1   Provost's house of Trinity College-Rev. F. Sadlier, D.D. provost
112   Samuel James Pigott, professor of music, music & musical instrument seller and publisher        
111   British Commercial Life Assurance Co., Step. Crawford, agent        
110   W.F. Bentley & Son, house & land agents, stock and share brokers, auction rooms 42 Grafton St.        
     J.K. Gardner, goldsmith & jeweller        
109   Richard Peter, goldsmith, jeweller & watchmaker - and 2 Clanwilliam-place        
108   McCullagh & McCullagh, Music and musical instrument warehouse, pianoforte & harps warerooms - and 22 Suffolk St.        
107   John Barry, boot & shoe manuf.        
     John Jameson, watch and clock maker        
     Misses Murphy, dressmakers        
     Mrs. Walsh, corset maker        
....here Suffolk Street intersects....   .....here Nassau-street intersects.....
106   Benj. Poynyz, hosier & glover   2   George Yeates, optician
105   Vacant   3   John Robertson, bookseller, publisher, and stationer, and 8, Garville terrace, Rathgar
104   Hodges & Smith, booksellers and publishers to the University and Royal Dublin Society, and agents for the sale of the Ordnance Survey of Ireland.   4   Jane Roberts, governess and ladies' school agency
103   Hamilton DeVilliers, haberdasher & perfumer        Robert Bradshaw, coach lace, moreen, damask, and furniture fringe warehouse
     Joseph Manning, millinery warehouse   5   Mrs. McArdle, ladies' fancy work-shop, Berlin, pattern, and German wool warehouse
102   Patrick Boylan, house painter, decorator and gilder; manufacturer of stained paper & floor cloth - factory 59 Lr. Baggot St.        Peter McArdle, Peter, leather and cloth breeches maker
     Mr. Patrick Boylan jun.   6   Henry J. De Veaux, haberdasher, perfumer, and importer of fancy goods
     Mr. Nicholas Boylan   ....here Adam-court intersects....
101   Jas. Forrest & Co., silk mercers and lace men, house-furnishers and linen drapers   7   Madden and Hare, booksellers, stationers & account book manufacturers to the University
100   Bulpin & Co., shawl and silk emporium        
99   Richard Burton, family mourning establishment        
98   Vacant   7   Mr. Charles Knox
97   Maxwell McMaster and Son, watch and clockmakers, and Garville, Rathgar   8   John Nathan & Co. watchmakers and jewellers
96   Francis Asken, shirt maker, glover, importer of French scarfs, &c   9   Joseph Morgan, hatter
....here Wicklow-street intersects....        Madam Auguste, French stay maker
95   John Tallon jun., stationer and account book manufacturer, and 23 Cabra parade   10   Sarah Mitchell, confectioner to her Majesty and the Lord Lieut.
     Horatio Nelson, miniature painter and daguerreotypist   11   Jno. Perry, portmanteau maker
94   Francis Weekes, laceman, hosier, and glover   12   Edward Murray, chemist
93   Vacant   13   Royal hotel and tavern, Horatio Thomas Jude, proprietor
92   John F. Boardman, shirtmaker, hozier, glover, and military out-fitter        
91   John and Wm. Switzers, woollen drapers   14   Peter Tharel, soap boiler and chandler
     John J. Nolan, builder, and 80 Townsend-street        R.W. Smith, electro plate gilder, jeweller, &c.
     Mrs. Nolan, baby linen warehouse   15   John Maccaud, gymnastic academy - residence, 56 Dawson-st
90   William Mansfield, dressing case maker, else. and fancy repository        A. and T. Dillon, artists' colour men and map sellers
89   Joseph Rothschild, importer of cigars   16   Underwood and Co. millinery and dress warerooms, importers of silks and laces
     John Mclntyre, teacher of writing, short hand, &c   17   Mary Hayd'n, milliner and court dressmaker
88   Vacant        William Griffiths, goldsmiths and bog oak manufacturer
87   Vacant   18   James Cornish, theological and miscellaneous new and second-hand bookseller
86   Martin and Jones, apothecaries and chemists   19   John O'Hanlon, haberdashery and trimming warehouse
     Dominick Martin, apoth. M.R.C.S.L.        
85   Richard Moore Tims, bookseller and stationer   20   Hedgelong and Peavey, cheap old and new booksellers
84   Bartholomew Ford, brush and comb manufactory        Robert Jones, clothier and draper
83   Anna Garvie, milliner        Mrs. McAllister, millinery warehouse
        .....here Duke-street intersects....
82   Arthur Burkitt, draper   21   Bridget Falkner, grocer
     Ellen Rorke, dressmaker   22   John Laird, hair dress. perfms.
        23   Mary Coghlan, confectioner
81   Wm. Reynolds, Irish poplin mercer, and tabinet manufacturer to her Majesty and the Lord Lieut.        A.M. Kelly, tobacconist, wax and tallow chandler
....here Johnston's-court intersects....   24   Mrs. Susana Laird, hairdresser, peruke maker, and perfumer
80   Richd. Johnston, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, and Birchgrove, Kill of the Grange   25   Anne Tipper, millinery and lace warehouse
79   Gerald Bellew, bookbinder, book-seller, stationer, and account book manufacturer        
     Office of the Royal Horticultural Society-Robt. G. Pooler, secretary N. Niven, landscape gardener, and assistant secretary to the Royal Horticultural Society of Ireland   26   Mathew Farrell, baker to the Lord Lieutenant
     Garret Wall, esq. and Walls-court, Rathmines   27   C. and Co. Sivel, watch and clock makers, jewellers, &c.
78   Francis Falkner, grocer and wine merchant, and 145 Great Britain-street        Callaghan, John, teacher of mathematics and engineering
77   A.U. Dillon, feather dresser   ....here Grafton-street, Little, intersects....
     M. and J. Cannon, corset and dress makers   28   Joseph Kavanagh, vintner, and Beggars-bush barracks
     John Stevenson, professor of writing   29   Francis Buet, French boot and shoe warehouse
     H. L. Jordon, dentist        Mademoiselle D'Flou, , court dress-maker
     Betsy Doyle, baby linen warerooms        Miss Connolly, dress warerooms
76   Vacant   30   Vacant
75   Thomas Bennett, goldsmith, jeweller, and watchmaker   31   Elizabeth Winter, tallow chandler
74   Frances Atkinson, baby linen warehouse        Catherine Peile, stay and corset maker
73   Thomas Walker, linen draper and house furnishing warehouse   32   Haiz and Isele, clock makers
     James Walker, barrister        Mrs. Parker, preparatory teacher
72   Joshua Porter, printer, bookseller and stationer        
71   Roper & Jefferson & Co. tea merchants   33   Edward Topham, jeweller, watch and clock maker
....here Harry-street intersects....   ....here Anne-street, South, intersects....
70   Wm. Sall, ladies' and gentlemen's wholesale and retail boot making establishment   34   Vacant
     Emma Potter, milliner   35   Robert Savage, hair dresser
     Smith, dressmakers        George Masters, hair dresser
69   Sarah Roche, baby linen, French corset, & ladies' outfit wareho.   36   Daniel Laurence, Daniel, cut glass and lustre warehouse
68   Anderson and Adams, apothecaries and chemists        
67   Vacant   37   Thomas Johnson, druggist
...Entrance to Taylors marble yard.   38   Lesser Dutch, cigar divan
66   Graham and Cathcart, general outfitters   39   Wm. Browne, coachmakers
     Patrick O'Connor, surgeon dentist   40   Patrick Kirwan esq., Inspector of weights and measures
65   James Robinson, optician, Polytechnic museum, and gallery of curiosities        Mary Anne Kirwan, milliner
64   James Lambert, wax and tallow chandler        Waldron & Co. scholastic, medical, and general agency office
....here Chatham street intersects....        Christina Wotherspoon, confectioner and sugar boiler
63   Henry Bolton, general outfitter and shirt manufacturer   41   John Fannin, medical and general bookseller, stationer, medical, reading rooms, agent for the sale of Weiss' surgical instruments, andagent to the Star Life lnsur. Co.
62   John Bolton, ladies' shoemak.        
.....here Tangier-lane intersects....   42   W.F. Bentley, & Sons, commission rooms, auctioneers, valuators, and house agents
61   Rich. Yoakley, china and earthenware importers, cut glass manufacturers, &c        
60   Richard Jones, tea, wine, and spirit dealer        
59   T. Cooper, engraver & lithogr.   43   Samuel Barrett and Son, house furnishing ironmongers, braziers, tinplate workers, brush, umbrella, & oiled cloth manufacturers
58   Nicholas Carberry, bootmaker        
     Miss Ballantyne, milliner and court dressmaker        
     G. Reeves, bootmaker   44   Patrick Daniel, tinplate worker, brazier, ironmonger, and manufacturing smith
     F. Reeves, surveyor & draughtsman   45   John Milliken, surgical instrument maker
57   Thomas Nicholson and Son, linen drapers   46   John W. McComas, army clothier and merchant tailor
     Green and Graham, dressmaker   47   Vacant
56   Eliza Yeates, cutler   48   Thomas Hodgins, nursery, seedsman, florist, & Cloughjordan
     Frances Taylor, straw bonnetmak.   49   Mrs. Brereton, baby linen, millinery, and ladies' outfitting wareh.
55   John Bernie, hosier and draper        Mr. J. Brereton
54   Eliza Brady, confectioner   50   John E. Kinslagh, apoth. &c
     Post Office Receiver        
53   Vacant   51   William Carson, bookseller and stationer
52   Vacant        Solomon Barnard, umbrella, oil cloth, and brush warehouse
....King-street South intersects....   .....here Stephen's green North intersects....