Website Errors – May 2024

I have found that a few pages on the website have errors (12th May 2024), giving error messages, returning no results or a blank page – these issues appear to be related to a recent update (PHP). I will list the pages showing glitches and notes of the ongoing repairs below :

Directory DatabaseFixed
Watson’s 1783 Almanac – browse by street/surname/occupation-trade – Fixed
Historic Photographer DatabaseFixed
Kingstown 1913 DirectoryFixed
RC Parish databaseFixed
CofI Parish DatabaseFixed
RC Parish/Chapel map searchFixed
Basic Townland SearchFixed
Advanced Townland Search (Wildcards) – Fixed
(Old) Townland ExplorerFixed

(Note the New Townland Explorer and Placename and Land Division Search pages are working ok)

Latest update 14:22 Thu 16th May 2024

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