Missing Streets and Townlands 1901 census

Following on from a recent search for the 1901 census returns for Baldoyle county Dublin on the National Archives of Ireland website, and eventually tracing these on microfilms on the FamilySearch website. The films include not only Baldoyle town but also the four townlands in the civil parish of Baldoyle also missing from the NAI transcripts. See : 1901 Census of Ireland -missing Baldoyle

Further checks revealed the other townlands and streets included in this film also appear to be missing – further cross-checks are underway, but so far none of these can be located on the NAI site using a placename search, placename/ED browse, or by searching sample names and ages from the household forms. The Electoral Districts are Drumcondra, Drumcondra Rural, and Coolock, civil parishes Santry, Drumcondra, Glasnevin, St. George’s and Baldoyle.

A total of 51 locations (streets & townlands) are included – each has a set of enumerator forms (abstract and building) followed by the associated household forms. The film includes 1,014 images with a number of reference slides – the list below includes that starting image for each street or townland, this is the enumerator abstract form, the building return(s) and household forms follow this. The film viewer is at this link with the relevant census film selected (FamilySearch Account required)

Image no./Street or Townland / Electoral District

6 Lismore Terrace, Drumcondra
20 Lismore Villas (1-4), Drumcondra
28 Drumcondra Road, Drumcondra
30 Mabel N.[?], Drumcondra
45 Robert St.[?], Drumcondra
61 Robert Avenue, Drumcondra
76 Russell Avenue, Drumcondra
103 St. Alphonsus Avenue, Drumcondra
117 St. Alphonsus Convent, St. Alphonsus Rd., Drumcondra
123 St. Alphonsus Rd., Drumcondra
174 St. Anne’s Road, Drumcondra
196 St. Bridget’s Road Lower, Drumcondra
223 St. Bridget’s Road Upper, Drumcondra
253 St. Clements Road, Drumcondra
274 St. Columbas Road Lower, Drumcondra
290 St. Columbas Road Upper, Drumcondra
311 St. George’s Avenue, Drumcondra
322 St. George’s Burial Ground, Drumcondra
326 St. Joseph’s Avenue, Drumcondra
345 St. Patrick’s Road, Drumcondra
414 Tolka Cottages, Drumcondra
469 Whitworth Road, Drumcondra
483 Whitworth Place, Drumcondra
503 Whitworth Road[?], Drumcondra
557 Whitworth Terrace, Drumcondra
567 Baldoyle, Coolock
573 Grange
597 Maynetown
611 Stapolin
631 Baldoyle (town)
796 Clonmel, Drumcondra Rural
803 Hampstead North / Hampstead Hill, Drumcondra Rural
809 Hampstead South, Drumcondra Rural
825 Wad, Drumcondra Rural
834 Walnut Grove, Drumcondra Rural
837 Balbutcher, Drumcondra Rural (Santry Parish)
842 Balcurris, Drumcondra Rural
846 Ballymun, Drumcondra Rural
857 Ballystruan, Drumcondra Rural part of
864 Collinstown, Drumcondra Rural part of
875 Commons, Drumcondra Rural part of (Santry parish, Coolock barony)
881 Coultry, Drumcondra Rural part of
889 Dardistown, Drumcondra Rural part of
896 Huntstown, Drumcondra Rural part of
902 Rock, Drumcondra Rural part of
908 Santry, Drumcondra Rural part of
959 Santry Demesne, Drumcondra Rural part of
974 Sillogue, Drumcondra Rural part of
979 Stormanstown, Drumcondra Rural part of
994 Turnapin Great, Drumcondra Rural part of
1006 Turnapin Little, Drumcondra Rural part of6 Lismore Terrace, Drumcondra

Note – this is just one film, there are other streets and townlands missing, some of which were not filmed so not available for digitization. This particular example shows that in at least one case the relevant forms were filmed but not transcribed – or mis-indexed or not uploaded correctly to a database ?

The reference 832599 is noted at the start of this film, and date of 17th June 1970.

Sample ‘missing’ townland – Turnapin Little townland Santry (civil) parish


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