RC Parish Database Updates

A number of Civil Parishes listed on the townland Index were not matched to Catholic Parishes during the initial cross-linking process [1], usually as a result of no reference being made to these being associated in Lewis. In some cases the civil parish does not appear to be listed in Lewis, e.g. Aderrig Co. Dublin and in others the civil parish is listed but the entry in Lewis does not mention an associated Catholic parish, e.g. Kenure Co. Waterford.

To allow a search for associated Catholic parishes for these unlinked civil parishes, a new option has been activated for these unlinked civil parishes in the Catholic Parish Database system to enable the map search function to check for the nearest chapels and parishes based on the coordinates.


Map Search option for unlinked civil parish (in red) Civil parish notes (in green)

So far details for cross-checks for many counties have been completed (those remaining are Antrim, Cork Tipperary, Limerick and a few parts of Galway and Roscommon), and Coordinates noted where required, and the remainder will uploaded over the coming weeks.

As a further update the display of Catholic parish information now shows details where any of the associated civil parishes are also linked to a separate parish or parishes.


Parish details showing additional notes (in red) and a civil parish shared with a separate Catholic parish (in green)

Also as part of the same update, system notes can be displayed to key civil parishes, both on the civil parish search option, and on the Catholic Parish details screen. These can show additional details such as locations – e.g. to assist in the case of duplicate civil parishes.


Example of Catholic parish with a number of shared civil parishes

[1] Specific details of the associated Catholic parish or parishes for each civil parish are included in most Civil parish entries in Lewis. Associated Catholic parishes could be determined for many of the additional civil parishes since they were referenced in entries for other civil parishes as being part of a Union or District, and likely Catholic Parishes were assigned for a number of the remainder due to their location –  e.g. surrounded by civil parishes specifically mentioning Catholic parish details, or where the civil parish in question contained one of the chapels mentioned in Lewis or the 1838 Catholic Directory.

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