Catholic Parish Search by Town

New option added to allow a search for Catholic Parishes based on a list of towns. see Town > RC Parish Search at the top of the menu.

Coordinates are included in the system for cities and over 500 (1) towns all over Ireland, and allows a search for the nearest parishes and chapels to the selected town as they were in the late 1830s/early 1840s.twn_srch_00

This can be useful if for example for unfamiliar areas on the map or where the exact civil parish for the area of interest has not yet been established, but clues as to possible town or village names are known.

Selecting the ‘search’ button to the right of the results starts the search  for closest parish and chapel search. (note the Yellow search marker can sometimes end up ‘behind’ a chapel marker in the selected town, so may not be immediately visible)twn_srch_02

(1) The list of towns and villages is based on those with a population reported of at least 300 in the 1871 census statistics.

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