Milners’ Safes Advert – 1917

from Thom’s 1917, advertisement for Milners’ Safes with testimonials from Hamilton Long, Apothecary & Chemists, J. Gaynor & Son Merchants and mention of a safe retrieved with contents intact from the ruins of the G.P.O. (see transcript below)img0014-wp
Milners’ Safes in Dublin Fires
Remarkable Testimonials
Hamilton, Long & Co. Ltd., Apothecaries and Chemists, 3 Lower Sackville Street, Dublin

Dear Sirs – We have much pleasure in informing you that the contents of our two Milner Safes (one very large and one medium size), which included books, deeds and cash, were in perfect order when the Safes were opened almost one week after the disastrous fires which destroyed our premises along with 50 other business premises, in Sackville Street, and in addition almost 50 more in adjoining thoroughfares. We are quite satisfied the Safes were of first-class fire-resistant materials, as otherwise they could not have resisted the intense heat so successfully.  Yours faithfully…

J. Gaynor & Son, Cork Merchants, 74 & 75 Middle Abbey Street, Dublin

Dear Sirs – We think it due to your firm, to place on record the fact that our Milners’ Safe preserved its contents in perfect condition during the great conflagration which completely destroyed the block of buildings in which our premises were situated. We think this is remarkable, as the Safe was buried in the ruins for over a week. We may say the Safe is in our possession over 30 years. Yours faithfully

General Post Office, Dublin

From the Ruins of the General Post Office a Milner’ Fire-Resisting Safe was recovered. The contents, £7,000 in Bank Notes were found absolutely uninjured.

Call and inspect our Stock or Write for Catalogue

Milners’ Safe Co., Ltd
21 Dawson Street, Dublin

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