Wicklow town, Co. Wicklow from Pigot’s Directory of Ireland of 1824

Wicklow town – Pigot’s Directory of Ireland 1824

In the county of the same name, is a small irregularly built seaport, situated 24 miles south south east of Dublin, eight miles north east of Rathdrum, and 16 miles north of Arklow. It has a court house, gaol, market house, and a handsome stone church; the Catholics, Calvinists and Methodists have each a chapel, and the Quakers a meeting house.

The assizes are held twice a year, it being the county town, and the sessions quarterly. There are two Roman Catholic free schools, in which 200 children are educated in reading, writing, and arithmetic. There was also formerly a Protestant free school, but it has failed for want of funds to keep it in repair and support a master. The barrack is situated in the middle of the town, and holds a company of soldiers; and the inhabitants have a tradition among them, that King James lodged in the front part of it, when he held his court at

Wicklow town, Co. Wicklow from Pigot’s Directory of Ireland of 1824,

Wicklow town, Co. Wicklow from Pigot’s Directory of Ireland of 1824,

Wicklow after the memorable battle of the Boyne. The imports are rock-salt, limestone, coals, and slates; the exports are copper ore, corn, live stock, hides, salt, &c. There are about 40 fishing boats belonging to this port, but the bar has only ten feet depth at high water. The ballast board offered to make a good harbour, if the corporation would give up their harbour dues; but this was refused. The old castle, built on a rock rising perpendicular from the sea, it is said, was once a place of great strength, and built by Maurice Fitzmaurice at the time of Strongbow’s invasion of Ireland; it appears to have been of a triangular form, with the sea on two sides, and a deep ravine with a drawbridge on the other. A new road from Wicklow to Arklow, will, when finished, save the mail five miles, and avoid the mountainous road, which it now travels. The market day is Saturday. Population about 2200.

POST OFFICE – Post Master, Mr. William Nolan. The Dublin Mail leaves at nine in the evening in Summer, and at eight in winter. The Newtown-Mountkennedy, Bray, Rathdrum, and Arklow mails are despatched at the same time. Letters for these mails should be put into the office by half past seven the same evening

Gentry & Clergy

Acton Rev. Thomas, Glebe-house
Acton Major, Aste Acton
Bury Sarah, Mrs.
Coates Abraham, esq. port surveyor and magistrate
Corcoran Rev. James
Curtis Robert, esq.
Dudgeon Mrs.
Dudgeon Mrs. Ann
Eccles Isaac A. esq. Cronerow
Eccles William, esq. Kiltymon
Edward Jas. esq. collector of excise
Halbert George, esq.
Jeffries Thomas, esq.
Judge Captain Arthur, H. P.
Lawless Mrs. Mary
Lee Joseph, esq. Tinakily
Leeson Honorable Robt. Claremount
McGuire Rev. Michael
Porter Rev. Robert
Revell Jno. esq. treasurer, Sea-bank
Revell Thomas, esq. Castletymon
Revell William, esq. Balymoney
Rogers John, esq
Sands Mrs. Catherine
Shephard John, esq. Sheephill
Shephard William, esq. Oatland
Singe Francis, esq. Glanmore-caitle
Symes George, esq.
Truell Rev. Robert, Clonmallen
Weldon Honourable Mrs.

Merchants, Tradesmen , &c

Professional Gentlemen

Goodison Thomas, M. D. physician
Hambleton Win. surgeon & physician
Keoghoe Richard B. attorney
Mills John, attorney
Nolan Wm. surgeon & apothecary
Owen James, surgeon & apothecary
Smith Thomas, physician


Perrin James, (general)
Ronan George D. (coal)
Traverse Matthew

Shopkeepers, Trader &c

Barlow Arthur, coach proprietor
Barton Geo. watch & clock maker
Bury Wm. H. tallow chandler ‘
Byrne Garret, linen and woollen draper and grocer
Byrne James, painter & glazier
Byrne James, carpenter & builder
Christian Jas. saddler & harness mkr
Christian Wm. saddler & harness mkr
Coates Ann, ladies boarding school
Doyle John, revenue officer
Doyle Mich, saddler & harness mkr
Dudgeon Danl. collector of customs
Fox Thomas, earthenware dealer
Furlong Thomas, excise officer
Hacketts James, baker
Hoey Richard, boot and shoe maker
Kelly Ellen, dress maker
Macquillen Joseph, baker, tallow chandler and soap boiler
McDowell Jno. linen draper & grocer
McPhail F. & Son, letter press printrs
Magee James, boot and shoe maker
Mooney John, boot and shoe maker
Morris Samuel, tanner
Murphy William, ship owner
Ost James, boot and shoe maker
Pim Joseph, linen & woollen draper
Pluck Matthew, straw manufacturer
Reynolds John, baker & tobacconist
Rogers Eliza, grocer
Rourke John, grocer
Sennott Law, salt manufacturer
Smyth John, auctioneer
Smyth Samuel, grocer
Stokesbury Richard, surveyor
Thomas Robert, glazier
Waters Mary, dress maker
Woodroofe Leonard, cabinet maker


Halpin James
Rogers Bernard


Doolittle John
Jones William
Kelly John
Ryder Jane

Coaches : The Dublin Mail through Ashford, which is four miles from Wicklow, at eight in the evening. The Wexford coach at half past ten in the morning. Six cars leave on Sunday at 12 for Dublin, and return on Wednesday.

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