Castlebar, Co. Mayo – Pigots Directory 1824

Castlebar – the county town of Mayo, is 120 miles west of Dublin, 8 north east of Westport, 16 west of Ballina, 14 west north west of Ballinrobe, and 13 north west of Clare; it is the property of Lord Lucan.

Castlebar, Co. Mayo - Pigots Directory 1824 (pg 1)

Castlebar, Co. Mayo – Pigots Directory 1824 (pg 1)

In 1798, Castlebar was in possession of the French invaders, under General Humbert, for nine days, but, on the approach of Marquis Cornwallis, they retreated precipitately towards Sligo, and soon after surrendered themselves prisoners of war. In the church yard is a monument to the memory of five soldiers who fell at this time. The public buildings are the castle, which stands on a commanding situation, and is now occupied as a barrack; the jail; a fine, convenient court-house; another barrack; a county infirmary; a linen-hall; public shambles; a fine spacious church, with a very lofty steeple; a Catholic chapel, and a Methodist meeting house. The business of this place is principally carried on in one main street, and its chief public buildings are seated round a spacious green, through which is a gravel promenade, overshaded by very fine trees. Here are distillery, and a brewery; but the chief support of the town is an extensive market, particularly for linen, which is held on Saturday. There are three fairs in the year, viz. on the 11th of May, the 9th of July, and the 18th of November. The population is 5120

Castlebar, Co. Mayo - Pigots Directory 1824 (pg 2)

Castlebar, Co. Mayo – Pigots Directory 1824 (pg 2)

POST OFFICE – Post Mistress, Miss Bell. The Dublin mail is despatched at five in the morning, and arrives at eight in the evening.

Gentry & Clergy
Patrick Boyde, esq. Mount Gordon
Henry Brown, Rahiens
Edward Burke, esq. Westland
John Burke, esq. Ballyhain-lodge
John Burke, esq, Ballineid
Joseph Burke , esq. Green-hill
Mrs. Burke, Richmond
Tobias Burke, esq. Wood-villa
Ulick Burke, esq. Mellon-hill
Mrs. Carr, Creagh’s-villa
Ninian B.  Crawford, major and magistrate
Wm. Davis esq. Rocklamd
Rev. Denis Egan, P. P.
Joseph Gray , esq. Sneegboro
Moses Gray, esq, Newtown
Rev. Hall, Thurlough
Rev. James Hamilton
Rev. Charles Hargrove, Thurlough
Rev. G. V. Hart, Springfield
Rev. James Hughes, P. C.
Rev. Charles Kelly, P. C.
Lieutenant Kerney, 42th Foot, H.P.
Patrick Knight, esq. Tilbury fort
Anthony O’Malley, esq. Sneegboro
Charles O’Malley, esq. J. P. Lodge
Charles O’Malley, esq. Lodge
Sir. Saml. O’Malley, Kilboyne-house
St. Clair O’Malley, esq. J. P. Lodge
George Ormsby , esq. Moat
Mrs. Ormsby, Ballinamore
Thos. Ormsby esq., Notmore
Thos. Ormsby esq., Lakeland
Rev. Henry Pasley, rector of Ballyhean, and J.P.
Thos Rowland esq., Glamhest
Captain Rutlidge 74th Regiment, Mount
Charles Simple, esq. Oakland
Rev. Wm. Smith
Henry Wardren, esq. Ballor-lodge
Wm. esq. Wardren
Merchants, Tradesmen &c.

John Acton, Market-street
John Atkinson, Market-street
John Finglass, Market-street
John Shaw, Market-street


George Lynch, Market-street
Joseph M. O’Donnell, Charles-st


John Gallagher, Thomas-street
Wm. Masterson (& cabinet maker) Market-street


Patrick Carney, Bridge-street
Charles Connolly, Market-street
Patrick Connolly, Bridge-street
Mrs. Devilen, Market-street
John Keane, Market-street
John Langston, Castle-street
Stephen Langston, Market-street
Matthew McDonnell, Market-street
Catharine McEllin, Market-street
Tobias Roach, Market-street
Martin Sheridan, Spencer-street
Sarah Walsh, Market-street
Mary Young, Market-street

Boot and Shoe Makers

Michael Burns, Market-street
John Curran, Thomas-street
Charles Ellison, Market-street
Owen Gavan, Thomas-street
John McAndrew, Castle-street
Thomas McGreavy, Linen Hall-st
Robert Murthaugh, Castle-street
David Tressam, Castle-street

Thomas Gildea, Market-street


P.C. Connolly, Market-street
Thomas Coyne, Castle-street
John John, Market-street


Walker and Nihell, Market-street

Francis McGreevy, (and surveyor), Market-street


Robert Blakney, Market-street
Patrick Carney, Market-street
Matthew Gibbons, (wholesale), Market-street
Ann Hart (and tobacconist) Market-street
Thomas Herron, Market-street
Edward Malley, (and tobacconist) Market-street
James Malley, Market-street
John Malley, (and tobacconist), Market-street
John McNamara, Market-street
Richard Morris, Market-street
Roger Murphy, (and spirit dealer), Market-street
George Sherridan, Market-street
Young Wm. (and tobacconist), Market-street


Michael Dunn, Market-street
Patrick T. Rogers, Linen Hall-st
Martin Sherridan, Market-st
Joynt Smith, (Head Inn) Market-st


Robert Blackney, Market-street
Michael Byrnes, Market-street
Francis McGreevy, Market-street
Wm. Walsh, Market-street

Leather Sellers

Edward Malley, Market-street
John Malley, Market-street
Catharine McEllin, Market-street
John McNamara, Market-street
Wm. McTigue, Market-street
Wm. Walsh, Market-street

Linen Merchants

Redmond Carney, Market-street
Edward Jeffers, Market-street
Edward Malley, Market-street
John Malley, Market-street
Wm. McTigh, Market-street

Linen and Woollen Drapers

A. T. Fowler, Market-street
Edward Malley, Market-street
James Malley, Market-street
John McAndrew, Market-street
Mary McDonnell, Market-street
Patrick McHugh, Market-street
Ellen McKilroy, Market-street
Daniel Sweeney, Market-street
Timothy Toole & Co., Market-street

Painters and Glaziers

Sandy Bole, Spencer-street
John Corcotran , Spencer-street
Edward Devine, Thomas-street
Sandy McDermott, Thomas-street
Thos. McDermott, Thomas-street

Physicians and Surgeons

John Acton, Market-street
Wm. Hamilton, Castle-street
Henry Bloomfield Keane, surgeon to the King in Ireland, and to the Mayo County Infirmary


Michael Dunn, Market-street
Peter Flanaly, Market-street
Thomas Herron, Market-street
Michael Malony, Market-street
Edward Morgan, Market-street
Roger Murphg, Market-street
Martin Sherridan, Market-street
Anthony Walsh, Market-street
Sarah Walsh, Market-streeet

Saddlers and Harness Makers

Campbell Fair, Market-street
Richard Morris, Market-street


Thomas Burke, Narrow-lane
Martin Gavan, Thomas-street
John Hill, Green
John Nelson, Market-street
Patrick Ryan, Shamble-street.

Tallow Chandlers

John Dudgeon, Market-street
Levy Hynes , Market-street
Mary Tiernon, Market-street


Edward Topham, Market-street

Wine and Spirit Merchants

Thomas Goulding, Market-street
Thomas Young, Market-street


James Burns, butter dealer, Market-street
Mary Young, stationer

Excise Office

Charles O’Malley, esq. collector
Alexander Bell, gent. pro-collector

Stamp Office
Francis Henry Wright, esq. distributor for the county

Coaches etc

A branch of the Galway Mail passes from Westport every morning at five for Ballinasloe, and, and, returning for Westport, calls every evening at eight, at the office, Market-street.

Goods may be conveyed to Dublin and other place: by hired Car.

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