Roscommon town, Co. Roscommon – Pigots Directory 1824

Roscommon – the county town of the same name, is 68 miles west of Dublin, 15 north west of Athlone, 20 south of Boyle, 11 south of Strokestown, and 14 south east of Castlerea.

Roscommon Town, Pigot's Directory 1824 (1)

Roscommon Town, Pigot’s Directory 1824 (1)

The improvements made within the last few years, have been very considerable. The public buildings are the church, which is a neat edifice, a Catholic chapel, a handsome new gaol erected in 1819, an asylum for lunatics, and the old court house; but as the latter is not sufficiently convenient for the transaction of business, an extensive new court house is now building, contiguous to the new gaol, and when completed will be a handsome structure and very ornamental to the town.

The castle of Roscommon, now in ruins, was begun to be built in 1268, by Sir Robert de Ufford, the chief justice. In 1277 Thomas de Clare and O’Brien Roe having contentions, the latter was taken and beheaded, yet afterwards de Clare and his partisans were obliged to give hostages to make satisfaction for O’Brien’s death, and to surrender the castle. In 1566 Sir Henry Sidney took this castle, which had been in the possession of rebels one hundred and forty years, and left Thomas L’Estrange and twenty horsemen to garrison it. The English garrison of Roscommon in 1642, bravely defended themselves against the rebels; however it afterwards fell into the hands of the latter, and in 1652 was delivered up to Colonel Reynolds, a parliamentarian officer. On the estate of Sir Thomas Moriarty are also the remains of an old Abbey, once an establishment for Dominican friars; it is well worthy the notice of the antiquarian. The county infirmary is a modern building, erected in 1783, in which is a resident surgeon ; the present one is Mr. Thomas Lysaght. To this institution Mrs. Walcott liberally bequeathed one hundred pounds aer annum. Roscommon is the property of the
Earl of Essex, and is governed by his deputy seneschal in the person of Bernard Connor, esq. An extensive corn market is held on Saturday. here are two annual fairs, one on Whit-Monday and the other on the 15th of December. The population is 3359.

Post Office, Market-place Post Master – Mr. George Stretch. The Dublin mail arrives at ten in the morning, from Athlone, and is despatched at 35 minutes past three in the afternoon. The Ballymoe, Ballyhawnis, Castlerea and Mount-Talbot mails go by horse from this office at 35 minutes past ten in the morning, and return next morning. The office is open from seven in the morning till eleven at night.

Roscommon Town, Pigot's Directory 1824 (2)

Roscommon Town, Pigot’s Directory 1824 (2)

Nobility and Gentry
Elliott Armstrong, esq. Dunamon Castle
James Balfe, esq. Runimede
Rev. Thos. Blakney, Hollywell
Arthur Brown, esq. Lisbride
John Brown, esq. Mount-prospect
Thos. Byrne, esq. Ballimakerly
Rev. Oliver Carey, Hazlebrook
John Carson, esq. Castle-street
Henry Corr, esq. Durham
Thos. Corr esq. Grove
Lord Crofton, esq. Mote-park
Andrew Cusack, esq. Castlemine
Patrick Cusack, esq. Springlawn
Mrs. Eustice, Abbeyville
Daniel Ferrall, esq. Beechwood
Rev. H. Gallaher
Robt. Goff esq. high sheriff
Rev. Lewis Hawkes, Briarfield
John Hurst, esq. Clover-hill
Charles Irwin, esq. Rocksboro
John Irwin, esq. Rocksboro
Edward Maypother, esq. Kilteeven
Edward Mills, esq. Fairy-mount
M.A. Mills esq. Temple
Mrs. Mitchell, Coolmine
Sir Thos. Moriarty, Bart Abbeytown
Lewis Ormsby, esq. Brook-lodge
Thos. Radcliffe esq. Castlecoote
Michael Sherkey, esq. Main-street
David Thompson , esq. Market-Place
Wm. Thompson esq. Market-place
Wills —-, esq. major of police, Rockley-park

Merchants, Tradesmen &c.
ApothecariesMiles Casserly, Market-place
V.Fitzgerald, Main-street
Edward Hart, Main-street
Bernard Mulranan, Market-place


Luke McKeoagh, Main-street
John Mitchel, Stone-park


John Conyers, Lainsboro-street
John Kennedy, Main-street


Saml. Goodman, Main-street
Francis McNamara, Castle-street
Thomas Murray, Market-place
John Singleton, Main-street

Boot and Shoe Makers

Michael Brown, Church-street
Wm. Brown, Church-street
John Connor, Church-street
James Conyers, Castle-street
Daniel Harrison, Main-street
Hugh Johnston, Church-street
Blair Maxwell, Abbeytown
John Rorke, Church-street


Luke Corr, Market-place


Michl. Grealy, Church-street
Wm.Harrison (& spirit dealer) Main-street
Ann Hopper, Market-place
Nicholas Hussey, (& spirit dealer) Main-street
George James, Main-street
James Johnson, Church-street
Edward Jones, (& spirit dealer) Castle-street.
Wm. Malone, Castle-street
Henry Mulranan, Main-street
Edward O’Connor, Market-place
Owen O’Rorke, (and tobacconist) Main-street
Francis Rice, Market-place
Thos. Stanton (& spirit dealer) Market-place


Michael Flynn, Castle-street
Francis Mulranan, Main-street


Wm. Harrison, Main-street
Francis Rice, Market-place
Owen Rorke, Main-street

Leather Sellers

Wm. Harrison, Main-street
Edward Jones, Castle-street

Linen and Woollen Drapers

B. Balding, Main-street
John Gavevn, Main-street
M.A. Keary, Main-street
Patrick O’Connor, (& tobacco manufacturer) Main-street
Michael Rush, Market-place
Thos. Stanton, Main-street

Painters and Glaziers

John Fox, Lainsboro-street
Martin McDermott, Abbeytown
Abraham Muffatt, Pudding-lane
Patrick Read, Pudding-lane

Physicians and Surgeons

Thos. Lysaght (to the infirmary)
Sit Thos. Moriarty Bart., Abbeytown


Charles Carson, Market-place
Denis Conray, Market-place
Jas. Conyers, Castle-street
Jas. Dooley, Castle-steeet
John Downes, Market-place
Thos. Durkan, Pudding-street
George Fanon, Pudding-street
Robt. Freebern, Church-road
John Hanlon, Market-place
Peter Kane, Church-street
Timothy Keher, Castle-street
George Lenelart, Church-street
Michael Morgan, Church-street
Bernard Mulranan, Pudding-street
Anthony Rigney, Main-street

Saddlers and Harness Makers

Malachy Sharkey, Main-street
Michael Shera, Main-street


Patrick Callery, Castle-street
Timothy Ford, Church-street
Michael Lee, Lainsboro-street
John Ward, Pudding-street

Tallow Chandlers

Wm. Harrison, Main-street
James Heily, Castle-street


Charles Harrison, Main-street

Watch Maker

Peter Calcutt, Castle-street


Patrick O’Connor, tobacco manufacturer, Main-street
James Manan, dealer in tobacco and snuff, Main-street

Stamp Office at the Post Office
Mr. George Stretch, Distributor

O’Rorke’s Car every morning at ten, from Castlerea, passes through Lainsboro to Killshee, to meet the canal packet to Dublin, and returns through Roscommon at four in the afternoon for Castlerea.

The nearest town, where Coaches pass through, to and from Dublin, &c. are Longford and Athlone, each 15 miles distant.

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