Census Placename Errors

There are a number of errors relating to place-names on the 1901/1911 Census returns of Ireland, examples of the various types discovered during analysis are listed below. These should be kept in mind when searching the census by place-name. In addition it should be noted that some locations were not covered by the original microfilms and so not included in the online census returns. Further analysis is required on rural townland names, where some spelling variation is to be expected.

In 1911 Aghowle DED, Co. Wicklow is listed as ‘Aghawlw

Mis-transcriptions/Typos/Spelling mistakes :

Yerschoyle Place
Verschoyle PlaceMerchants QuayDublin 1901
Owenstown (aka Trimlestown)Dundrum Dublin 1901
Bundouglas Cleggen Galway 1901
Adelaid Street Adelaide StreetSligo West Urban Sligo 1901

A number of locations have stray zeros :

Mun0ly MunnillyClones_Rural Monaghan1901
Aghinillard Drumcarrow Monaghan 1901
Annagh or Druma0ra
Annagh or Drumanilra Kilbryan Roscommon 1901
Druma0ra or Mt. Eagle
Drumanilra or Mt. EagleTumna_North Roscommon 1901
BunnanilraCastleconor West Sligo 1901
Bally0ard (P.O.)
Ballyard (P.O.)
Ballyard (P.O.)
Tipperary West Urban
Tipperary 1901
Knockiniller Douglasburn Tyrone 1901
Chapel Lane (St.) (Mun0ly) Chapel Lane (St.) (Munnilly)Cootehill_Town Cavan 1911
Maxwell's Lane (Mun0ly
Maxwell's Lane (Munnilly) Cootehill_Town Cavan 1911

In addition a number of townlands have been listed with stray hyphens or spaces which can cause a problem when searching

Placename DED, County, Year
MinisterslandArdagh, Limerick, 1901
PriesttownMullary, Louth, 1901
CrossscalesTomhaggard, Wexford, 1901
Aberna Dorney AbbernadoornyDonegal, Donegal, 1901
Ballagh-moreBallaghmoreStranocum, Antrim, 1901


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